The Dark side of Instagram

A lot of people use Instagram but some of them are no good. This week the use of social media particularly Instagram has come up again on my Facebook account and in my groups. So I thought I better discuss it here.

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Earlier this week I saw someone’s account and followed them, only to discover that they are not real. I had an argument with this person over their qualifications as a nutritionist. It was discovered that they had cut out whole food and treat food out of their nutrition plan and this person suggested that other people follow the same way.

I prefer to follow people with qualifications and those that are honest. Some of these posts are paid posts. Whilst its good for the brand it may not be good for the everyday person who loves unbiased decisions. Some people have little or no affiliation with the brands that they are promoting and therefore it can mislead people.

Many people are getting medical advice online instead of going to the doctor. Most people online give out bad medical advice. For example, remember Belle Gibson? According to Healthline, she is not the only one. Many others too did this and people in the US now don’t go to see the real doctor. People want quick fixes for everything, even to lose weight. Again information online can mislead people. In the end, they end up in the emergency room at the hospital because they followed something online. It turned out not to be true.


It’s also the worst media for social health in Britain. It is addictive in that we look at it every five seconds and hence it can be really lonely for people. For some people, it can cause them to be anxious.

And then there are the many fitspos accounts that are up there. Here they showcase a very skinny body and people look up to them and want to be skinny just like them. People look up to them and end up not being happy with their bodies at all. Most of the photos on Instagram have been photoshopped to make them look good. I don’t mind the odd story or two but really if its to cure something then no good.

But the food on Instagram does look good though and so do people’s running journeys. We should use Instagram just for inspiration and not for anything else. And we shouldn’t rely on it too much.

At the end do go and see a real doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer. Don’t believe everything you see online, unless it’s from a registered person or source that you trust online. Instagram is only just for moral support and to encourage you to eat real food. You can look at Instagram for all those yummy food photos instead of skinny bodies.

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