A story about Herbalife in Melbourne and why you should not sell it

This was my story about Herbalife products in Melbourne and how I incorporated it into everyday life. It is also about how I incorporated it into my social life. It was really quite easy. Until I almost got into trouble

I used it and took it everywhere and people were talking. Back then I had wanted to lose weight in every method possible and was excited about helping others this way, not knowing the Fitness Australia’s rules about supplements.

I went to all the meetings. All the meetings boasted good things about them such as making money and losing weight the fast way. Then one day someone told me to look at selling Herbalife from another light- that of getting into trouble and losing money. I also lost some friends this way. People in the US have lost money this way and lots of it.

That was the early days. Nowadays I just use it for my own personal use and I never sell it to anyone unless they ask. Even then I’d have a proper consultation with the client. I would not recommend them for medical things, just as a supplement for endurance training or bodybuilding. As athletes, we’d have Herbalife though just as a supplement, not as real food. Normally I would take this in the gym and have other food too.

They are expensive to buy and you have to pay the one-time membership fee of $69 plus the yearly subscription fees of $14.95.

The business structure was not good though. Everyone goes through distributorship which is the lowest of the low. And then comes supervisor where you recruit people to work for you. At the top is the president’s team. Along the way, there are other rankings like Active world team and other things. Most people go as far as distributorship and then stop. In 2018 there was a court case in Miami and many people have lost money in trying to do the business. Most people struggle to make ends meet this way.

Without exercise and healthy diet Herbalife would be life-threatening. In India, one lady died just after two months of consuming that stuff and nothing else. She had hyperthyroidism and someone claimed that it would cure her.

Now I know that there is no fast and easy way to lose weight. You need time and patience to do so. And there is no such thing as getting rich quickly. You have to put in the hard yards.

Now if someone asks me to sell supplements, I say “no thanks” as I have no idea as to what they are for and they could kill someone. And they are expensive to buy and maintain memberships.

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