making your own coffee vs buying it

Melburnians love their coffee and so does everywhere in the world. Melbourne has a lot of good cafes and so does America with their Starbucks. We can’t live without it. So we debate whether buying coffee everyday in a cafe is so worth the money. Or whether people should make their own.

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Office workers love to drink their coffee and Melbourne is known for it. According to Moneysmart Australians spend about $1.6 billion a year on tea and coffee. Foodservice says that 47% of coffees in Victoria are lattes. Now that has to be bad for the waistline and your wallet. Some of the baristas can be dodgy, burning your coffee.

Most of the office workers are time poor. So of course they just rush out the door just to make it to work on time without breakfast or a small up and go type breakfast. Most people get to the office around 8 or 9am.

Making your own coffee is cheaper than buying it. Buying it works out to be $28-$35 per week from a cafe or a fast food place. Each day coffee is about $4. Making it is a lot cheaper. Here you can buy a jar of instant coffee from the supermarket for $8-$12 depending on what sort of coffee that you want.

Or you can buy a coffee machine from Nespresso for $700-$1100 depending on the type you want. But there’s also one in ALDI that’s under $100 and it makes fairly good coffee too at home. They often have specials on their coffee capsules and one time we bought six packets of them. These last for a few years.

Most offices have coffee making supplies for their employees to make a coffee or tea. So there’s no need to buy one.

Milk costs anywhere between $3-$5 for 2L. Your supermarket will stock your favorite type of milk

You just need to get up earlier to make your coffee at home. Oh, and while you’re at it you should think about having breakfast at home with it.

Its also healthier to make your own, but a treat or two doesn’t go astray. And there’s no need to wait in a queue if you are in a hurry, but of course apps like Hey You often make life easier and they often have deals.

If you want to buy one in a cafe, get it. But let it be just a treat and not an everyday expense as it can stress you out in the long run.  Oh and don’t go for the cream at Starbucks; it just adds to your waistline.

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