Our April stats

April was a busy time of the month for us as it was Easter and most people were scared about eating Easter eggs and treat at that time of the month. Most people wanted to stay within their diet for the whole month.


Our Instagram account was all over the place. One day we got 1322 likes and the next it was 1304 likes. Coupled with an argument or two about a fake nutritionist, people started not liking us. We changed our ways due to the fact that more and more fake nutrition people were popping up in our account. They were those that advised people to cut out major food groups and that was not right. And then there were those that shamed easter eggs and made people workout for their eggs. That was not right either as people should enjoy their eggs in peace.

And there were those that suggested some sort of diet pills and that was very wrong as people probably would have suffered from them in the long run.

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The sign about drinking water and being a house plant got the most likes. This shows that people are concerned and want to lose weight. Also, the picture of fat got 38 likes as many people want to become a healthier version of themselves.

Our Twitter stayed pretty much the same for the entire month. Albeit the tweeting activity that went on. We had 52.3K impressions over the past month and a few retweets but not much.  One post on diabetes earned 411 impressions which is great as people are concerned about diabetes. Most people like Dogs on Twitter which is really not related to health.

Our WordPress got 8 new followers which are great. We now have 154 followers as more and more people become concerned about their health.

We had 48 page views on April 6th and 32 visitors that day. On that day most people were considering signing up for the Melbourne Marathon. Most of the people that day looked at burnout and Tena pants for running as well as the Running heroes article.


Obesity is a huge issue in today’s society. One post had 9 likes and that was the one on the reality of being a fitness trainer. This was a guest post worth 750 words.  So this got us some new blog post standards. Reports, monthly roundups, events, and some product reviews should be between 500-1000 words per post. Reports, product reviews, and health-related events should have some references included in them.

Hopefully, in the month of May, we can continue to look at eating more fiber and less stress. This month we will take on Mindfulness in may as well as Meat free may for runners. Hopefully this month we will also see more followers on Instagram as well as donations for the Ration challenge as more and more people are concerned about their health and wellbeing. We hope that some of the fake nutrition accounts be removed on Instagram as they are harmful to people’s health and that more people follow those that allow treats on the odd occasion.



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