National Nutrition Month 2019

April is National nutrition month and here we did a lot of things such as bringing our own lunch from home. And we learned lots and had fun doing it.dsc_2924

The aim of National nutrition month is to educate people on good and healthy food as well as just having a treat or two once in a while.

Many Australians particularly those in an office environment might not know a lot about nutrition. Many of the office buildings in the CBD have a cafe or two that mainly sells junk food or a food court that just has crap in there. Or it might be someone’s birthday and they have brought in an equally delicious cake. Or there might be lots of unhealthy food in meetings and at the office.

This month we learned ways to tackle the unhealthy eating at the office. For example, we had fruits and lots of water instead of a soft drink. We refused cookies and cake most of the time and went for savory stuff in cafes. We did not go to 7/11 for our lunches as office workers do. Instead, we went to places like Fresh Pantry in Melbourne for our lunches. We had lots of salads at this time. All of our salads were easy to make at home. And if we stayed back there was always a healthy naked shake or two. We had a few vegetarian meals during the week and if we had time went to Lentils in Abbotsford for lunch. There it was very relaxing and calming to the mind.

Places like Albert Park and Neds was awesome where there were lots of homemade baked goods on offer. Here they were done on site and tasted lovely. We ran to them as exercise and an awesome way of spending time away from the office.

We also checked out Dineamic during this month and they served up some wonderful goodness.


We also connected with the Salvos and the Big Umbrella and here they served food that does not go to waste. It was humbling to know that there are some poor people out there that don’t have access to nutrition. At the Big Umbrella people from the offices volunteered and they give food to the homeless.

The month opened with Fitness First’s fitness week and there were a few people that brought friends in but not many. And then it was Fitness first’s birthday where the fruit was offered rather than cake.

We also celebrated Easter with lots of homemade goodness. Here we had loads of fish meals on Good Friday as well as chocolate. All of our meals were homemade.

And then the Diabetes expo was on Saturday and here we learned lots of tips such as avoiding processed foods.

Do participate in National Nutrition month next year and see what you can get out of it.

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