Its ok not to be ok

Mental health is such a huge issue in today’s society and it is often talked about a lot on Facebook.

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Guys it’s ok not to be ok sometimes.  And it’s ok to ask for help. Depression and anxiety are common in workplaces and universities. Many people don’t seek help because they think that mental health is taboo and in actual fact it is ok. Many people are scared of being fired from their workplace because of speaking out.

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As I visit my old place in RMIT some of those memories of students being excluded haunted me. Myself included in 2013. At that time RMIT was going through a huge change, excluding students when they want to and not offering a listening ear. RMIT’s policies were going through some major changes. In particular, they were changing their exclusion policy and making it stricter for students. At that time RMIT was also cost-cutting and getting more casuals to do the jobs that the full time lecturing staff would do. So, in the end, most of the students with learning difficulties had a hard time understanding what the staff wanted. I have a learning disability so I found it really hard to understand diagrams.

Because of the DLU’s recommendations, I also found it hard to get help from the staff when it’s needed particularly with online courses and understanding the submission process

At that time the Tivoli building was going through some major changes. And the disability unit was nonexistent. I couldn’t really talk to them about what was going on. Nowadays they are not there in the new building (or if they are, they are hidden) But I still have friends there and have moved to a new part of the building. I sometimes get anxious around going and dread going there.

In 2014 I had gained some weight. Part of it was due to the anxiety and depression that I experienced. And I took all that burden up myself. I ate way too much food at dinnertime and I did not have a lifestyle goal in mind. I also was not sleeping well.

At that time I thought that not being ok was not ok. Fast forward to 2018 and not being ok is alright and mental health is rife.

But luckily for me, some of the staff at the student union are still my friends on Facebook. We don’t speak much because I’m so busy but I should. These days I’m more focused on health and welfare and running marathons. And doing Precision nutrition’s course which I’m happy about. They have an easy way to submit things and there is a Facebook group to ask questions on. Nowadays there is also Grammarly to help with the spelling mistakes.

Guys if ever you have a problem just speak to someone about it and don’t hold back. There are many wonderful counselors and you can also talk to Beyond blue. They help thousands of people.

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