Tech Inclusion Conference

This was a part of Melbourne Knowledge Week and I was invited to participate. Normally it is about $100 to attend for the day and drinks. This conference is for people that work in technology and how they can learn to be more inclusive and equitable to people who are multicultural, refugees, Aboriginals, women andContinue reading “Tech Inclusion Conference”


How to kick sugar cravings

Guys, sugar is one of the reasons why we put on weight. As an adult, according to the Australian dietary guidelines we can have between 40-90 g of sugar a day. That is according to Myfitnesspal.  This sugar includes your natural fruits. “People that eat too much sugar can have a risk of diabetes andContinue reading “How to kick sugar cravings”

Week four of Precision Nutrition

This week is about protein and energy synthesis. It is about how we produce and transfer energy in the body. ATP is the body’s “energy currency”. It helps with almost every function in the body. We get energy from our food and nutrients that have been absorbed from food. The body processes nutrients by oxidizingContinue reading “Week four of Precision Nutrition”

Chronic illness and the burden on our society

Millions of Australians live with chronic pain, many of us which are working and it affects our jobs as there is lost productivity due to sick days. Chronic pain can be debilitating or even depressing as 40% of Australians with Chronic pain experiences. Most of the symptoms from chronic stems from being overweight or obese.Continue reading “Chronic illness and the burden on our society”

My top ten favourite places in St Kilda

Here are my top ten favorite places in St Kilda where you can hang out as a tourist or run around.  In summer St Kilda gets really busy but we love the lifestyle here. 1) Beach I love going there for the beach and views. You can easily spend a really good day there walkingContinue reading “My top ten favourite places in St Kilda”

Winter weight gain and how to avoid it

Let’s face it. We all put on weight over winter but its how you deal with it. This winter is no exception. Most people tend to put on weight around their middle and then want to lose it in September! We all love our comfort foods during winter and hate exercising in the cold. ButContinue reading “Winter weight gain and how to avoid it”

The effect of BCAA and taking too much of it

Too much of anything is not good for you. In response to A current affair video about the protein shakes we wondered whether it would be good for all or just some people. BCAA is the Branched Chain Amino Acids. We need some of it especially if we are training for an event such as theContinue reading “The effect of BCAA and taking too much of it”

Tips for night shift workers (or those that work late)

Guys here are my tips for shift workers. Some people work during the night shift and so their body clocks are not used to the night hours at first. But then after a while, you will be. This is true for flight attendants, nurses, hospital staff, 7-11 staff, etc. Shift workers find it hard toContinue reading “Tips for night shift workers (or those that work late)”

Should the Government spend more on Mental health

This article is written for Mental Health week 2019 which is from 13-19th of May. Mental Health is about being happy and not stressed. Every year thousands of people suffer from stress which leads to depression and anxiety and they try and find a way to cope. Australia’s mental health services are stretched to theContinue reading “Should the Government spend more on Mental health”

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