Bring your own lunch from home

Bringing your own lunch from home is a great idea as to its healthier for you. Lunch bought outside has hidden fats and usually no nutrients. Every office building has a food court or two. A healthier employee is a happier and more productive one.


On the Today show this week they were talking about saving money and if you bring your lunch from home you could save about $1500+ per year.

According to Moneysmart Australians in 2016 spent $4 billion. On an average week, we spent about $239 just on food alone in a week.

We normally spend about $20-$30 for lunch outside.

This is cheaper as it doesn’t cost a fortune. Here it works well for everyone as we enjoyed our own black bean salad as well as lentil salads. It is easy to throw all the vegetables and proteins together in the morning. This only takes about 10 mins to do and you can do it whilst waiting for the water to boil.


Most workplaces have a fridge where employees can store their lunch and microwave for them to heat it up. Some workplaces have a sandwich press where you can make a hot toasted cheese sandwich. These days a hot toasted sandwich sets you back by $7 outside.

Each week all you need to do is wash your vegetables. In the colder months, you should set aside one weekend afternoon and do a whole batch of cooking for the week. Such things are curries, soups, pasta sauces, lentils, etc. Or you can cook one huge meal at dinner time and save the rest for the next day’s lunch.

Or if you are not a salad person then rolls might be your thing. A bag of rolls is about $4-$5 at the supermarket. And then you can put whatever you like in your rolls whether its bhanh mi or other things.

Or you can buy tuna at the supermarket and put that with last nights leftover pasta. If you make sushi you could bring sushi for lunch.

Or you could do rice with chicken or beef or tofu for dinner and then take some of it to work.

There are endless possibilities of what you could do for lunch depending on what you feel like. It’s always a good idea to meal plan at the start of the week and buy what you need on Saturdays at the markets. Then that way you save even more money.

Oh, and if you bring your lunch from home you don’t have to join the lunch queues meaning that you spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air. And there would be no more excuses not to go for a walk.

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