Need to track your calories? Here’s how to do it for free!

MyFitnesspal is a website which helps you to track your calories. Here you can sign up using Facebook so that it is easier to share with your friends. You can search for food on there and it tells you how many calories you have consumed. It also tells you how much protein you need each day. You have to fill out a profile at the start telling them how much weight etc.

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I have done this for about threes years now and it’s going good. They have a mobile phone app so that it is easier for you to add your calories in on the go. But the only thing is that they sometimes accidentally enter an item twice but you need to watch out for this.

They do have support forums so if you do get stuck then you can sing out for help. I have a few times and found them to be super helpful. There is a blog too and you should check that out once you are there. The blog is always updated from time to time with new issues.


Adding meals on there is easy as 1, 2, 3. You simply find out how many calories and you can Google that item and then you just enter it accordingly.


This is good for those that want to lose the weight. As adults, we need about 1000-1500 cal per day. But for athletes we need about 2000-2500 calories per day. When you do exercise and enter it, it will tell you as to how much calories you have burnt. Even then they also tell you how much you have consumed so that you know what foods have a lot of calories and what does not. They will also tell you how much protein you have consumed.

You can check in your weight each week and they recommend that you weigh in once a week to see how you are going. They also recommend that you drink more than eight glasses a day and I do that. If you eat under 1000 calories they will tell you that and will tell you to add more in. Your body burns around 500-1000 cals per day depending on the activity that you do.

I learned that a the Tarik is 91 cals and a normal standard latte is about 160 cals per cup. Champagne is about 95 cals per cup. Bee hoon is about 600 cals per plate. That is a lot of calories consumed.

Do use as it is free for all to use.

For athletes, you can see the macronutrient counts in the reports section. Here they calculate your potassium, iron, and calcium as well as fiber intake for the day. And you can adjust your goal to meet your needs.

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