The truth about being in the health industry

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I think most people have this notion that being a personal trainer is a glamorous or cruisy profession. Perhaps there’s this propagated concept that we get paid to work-out, get awesome discounts on supplements and active wear and can work our own hours.

Yer of course we get all of that…. if we are offered a bogus television gig or we have thousands of followers on social media.

And I can tell you that I don’t have either of those things.

The reality is, I am a student studying nutrition and is a young Personal trainer. I am learning a lot and have to pay my own way for my courses

I barely have time to work-out and have to budget my training into teaching classes and joining in with my students. I work around my clients hours, so I am up early and down late. And I shop the sales racks on activewear to get discounts, like everyone else!

When a client comes in to meet with me, I spend an hour of my time freely getting to know them and their health history. I want to explain what will work best for their needs and budget. When we sign an agreement, it’s with full disclosure and designed to work for everyone.

But the reality of some situations, that so many trainers encounter, is people changing their minds or not honoring their commitment. This hurts every industry professional at some point. When someone dishonors an agreement and forfeits payment, guess who really suffers?

Personal trainers and health professionals

If others operate like I do, then from the start they’ve invested time that isn’t reimbursed to ensure the client is cared for. They’ve spent money on advertising to reach their community and put thought and consideration into a 12-week program based on getting their new client results. They may have even offered a free trial.

And after all this effort if a person withdraws from their commitment, then the trainer is left fretting about how to pay their own bills and being forced to work at a loss to themselves.

A good trainer is going to offer you support, advice and knowledge. You’re investing in their wisdom!

I read somewhere that the average career of most trainers entering the fitness industry is 6 months. So statistically, I am one of the tiny percentage who survived the fitness machine. It also indicates that I probably have some merit in skill, knowledge and ability. Staying in this industry definitely takes some resilience.

It’s taken me a very long time to recognise my worth and realise that finding a professional with my unique skill set and integrity is rare. But people, even like myself, are unable to help people like you reading this, if we don’t have support and commitment.

Health and fitness is beyond a quick fix. If it was easy, then athletes would just rock up to training once a week. It takes years to develop good body composition, un-do disease forming habits and shift a mindset. Anyone who suggests otherwise is full of shit and if you’re paying them, then you’re putting the true industry professionals out of business.

That’s actually a crying shame too. It’s a shame on all the scammers and the unethical people taking advantage of vulnerable people. And it’s a shame of the people who listen to them instead of the honest, genuine professionals.

So now that you can see just how hard it can be to work in a nurture orientated profession, consider the following:

🥊 how long did the trainer spend on your consult and health history?
🥊 did they take the time to make you feel comfortable?
🥊 what was the timeframe you were given in terms of meeting your desired goal?
🥊 are you truly ready to commit to your trainer and your intentions?
🥊 what is your realistic budget and can you stick to it?

In conclusion, I want you to know that I am here for you. This work is beyond my profession. It’s my passion and I want to be doing it for a long time

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