Dineamic is a place in South Yarra that does home cooked meals. They are a stone’s throw away from the train station on Toorak road which also means that they are close to the tram stop.

They open early in the morning until 8pm. They open for dinner as well as lunch and breakfast and people can relax in here with tea/coffee/healthy sodas as well as their meals. They also do have meals that time poor people can take home.

I have been there for tea and dinner and liked the service. The service is pretty friendly and it’s a surprise that they are not busy at dinnertime when I visited in the week. Most other places around there are.

The meals cost between $10-$16 and you can take them home and heat it up. Or they can do that here if you prefer to sit in and enjoy. They are freshly made by the chef. The meals are small, but I guess that they want people to eat healthily and mindfully. Their meals don’t have salt added to them but you can add it yourself.

On the back of each package, they have their nutritional information. They also sell a wide range of meals and soups.

Oh, and you can also buy rice and pasta to take home for a mere $3-$9.

They also do smoothies here that I’m yet to try. But I did like their non-sugary lemonade which is actually healthier for you. Oh, and I loved their teas which were to die for! They were relaxing and calming to the mind.

The only thing I would suggest is to stop serving coffees but focus on the great meals and teas and healthy drinks. Drinking too much coffee is bad for you. They should leave the coffee making to the other great cafes like what Lentils in St Kilda did and focus on just the food and the healthy drinks.

Do come by when you have a chance!


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