Shopping with Woolworths gift card

This has never been easier and never a better time to do this. Now that it is Christmas and the party season, as well as Summer and the Australian Open. All your favourite healthy snacks are at Woolworths and there are always specials for your things. You just have to keep a close eye out on the catalogues each week both online and in print.


We bought the card for $95 for $100 on Groupon and it was so easy. It was an e-card. You don’t need to redeem this as I found out. Groupon will have your email when you sign up for it and all your emails and vouchers are sent to the same email. The ecard will be sent to the same email. You just had to wait one day.

Using it at the self serve checkout was not a problem. It was just simply select the e-card option, open the pdf on your phone and follow the pin pad prompts. And then it will take the money from there. They don’t issue with a receipt unless you ask but for most everyday items I remember the prices well. Nerada tea used to be $3.89 for a pack of 50 but now it is $4.46. My nuts was only $1.

Do buy the card when it comes out again on Groupon!

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