Bring your own lunch from home

Bringing your own lunch from home is a great idea as to its healthier for you. Lunch bought outside has hidden fats and usually no nutrients. Every office building has a food court or two. A healthier employee is a happier and more productive one. On the Today show this week they were talking aboutContinue reading “Bring your own lunch from home”



Need to track your calories? Here’s how to do it for free! MyFitnesspal is a website which helps you to track your calories. Here you can sign up using Facebook so that it is easier to share with your friends. You can search for food on there and it tells you how many calories youContinue reading “MyFitnessPal”

War on waste and what we are doing to tackle it

These days there is a war on waste and we try to be as environmentally conscious as we can. Every year we throw out ridiculous amounts of waste and some of it ends up in the sea or in the landfill. Some ways in which we are being environmentally conscious. As health bloggers, we shouldContinue reading “War on waste and what we are doing to tackle it”

Online fitness coaching scams

People, would you like to lose weight? Don’t have the time to go to the gym? Then online fitness coaching might be for you. But beware there may be some scams going on. According to Americans spent about $64 billion in the weight loss industry in 2014. And that number is rapidly growing. InContinue reading “Online fitness coaching scams”

Why selling MLM’s are bad for you

Guys here’s why selling MLM’s off the street is bad for you. MLM’s are Multi-Level Marketing companies which means that you don’t earn much of a profit unless you are at the top (ie president’s club or chairman’s club). You work your way up the pyramid and you work for yourself. You have a supervisorContinue reading “Why selling MLM’s are bad for you”

Food waste

In Australia and all over the world food is wasted. Right now not wasting food is the topic among the bloggers. It starts with when you go out to eat. When you go out the restaurants waste food by giving you these big portions of food and then you didn’t want to eat all. SomeContinue reading “Food waste”

My first week on Precision nutrition course

The first week of this course is all about nutrition. It is an online course talking about everything and attitudes towards food. Here we signed up for free and don’t have to pay until two months later. The fee is $79 USD. This week we learned about food and the fact that there is noContinue reading “My first week on Precision nutrition course”


Dineamic is a place in South Yarra that does home cooked meals. They are a stone’s throw away from the train station on Toorak road which also means that they are close to the tram stop. They open early in the morning until 8pm. They open for dinner as well as lunch and breakfast andContinue reading “Dinemic”

The truth about being in the health industry

This post was on Facebook in a forum called Fitness Education Online and the editor has sought permission from the original author! I think most people have this notion that being a personal trainer is a glamorous or cruisy profession. Perhaps there’s this propagated concept that we get paid to work-out, get awesome discounts onContinue reading “The truth about being in the health industry”

Shopping with Woolworths gift card

This has never been easier and never a better time to do this. Now that it is Christmas and the party season, as well as Summer and the Australian Open. All your favourite healthy snacks are at Woolworths and there are always specials for your things. You just have to keep a close eye outContinue reading “Shopping with Woolworths gift card”

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