The fitspo trend: is it worth it?

The “fitspo” trend is just pure dumbness. It’s been going on for years on Instagram and some of the really good ones have lots of likes on them. Thousands of them.

woman wearing black tank top taking work out

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These days people post images of themselves on social media looking good. They all have the six pack abs and skinny waistlines and they can benchpress 70kgs at the gym. Why? Because, they see everyone doing it!

Obviously, most of these pictures have been airbrushed.

What??? I can’t even do that and I weigh 52kgs or thereabouts. I can only get up to 20kgs and then I start to throw up. It would take years to master 70kgs not to mention to eat more food to put on the weight.

The trend is also downright dangerous with it promoting clean eating and calorie cutting. What is wrong with clean eating? I love my vegetables. We are made to eat!

In the Global Wellness summit, they talk about fitspo being a dangerous trend and it is! People develop eating disorders from it. And some people may take a while to recover from those.

In short eat real foods and be patient with weight loss. It may take months or years to lose that weight. Its a marathon and not a sprint.

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