Take away food- is it good or bad

In a recent study, it was found that many Australians eat junk food around 3-4 times a week and that is concerning for us dieticians and doctors as well as personal trainers.

So we ask the question: is takeaway food good or bad?

It can be both, depending on how many times a week you have this. If you have this type of food five times a week then it is bad for you. But once or twice a week is fine. They have too much sodium in them, something that is bad for your body. Sodium is salt and too much of it can make you feel dehydrated.

But myfitness pal has some good ideas on takeout foods. They should be steamed not fried. Chicken and vegetables are usually a good idea.

They are also expensive as well. If you eat them all the time you will put on weight and maybe, in the long run, get diabetes and heart and liver problems.

If you want to have take away food you could always make it yourself with the airfryer. There is less oil and it tastes much nicer homemade. Oh and we can do without the salt too thanks!

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