Is 60g of protein enough for one person?

How much protein should we eat? We discuss this topic.

There was an article in the Age last week talking about how much protein we need per day. The Age says 60- 70 grams of protein for a sedentary person. Too many of us go waaay above this number.


We need protein to function but too much of it can be bad for you. You need the building blocks (amino acids) to function properly during the day.

It is 0.8g per kilogram of body weight. Therefore a 70 kg person would need just 56g of protein.

We know that protein keeps us fuller for longer. And it stops us from having too much food.

We agree as too much protein can cause kidney issues which can shorten their lifespan. It can cause heart disease. It can also cause weight gain as the body can use a certain amount on any day. But if you’re someone wanting to do a marathon or bodybuilding competition then you would need about 90-100g of protein.

A single serving of meat (roughly 100 g) is about 30-40g of protein. Milk contains 11g of protein. An average serving of yogurt has 10g of protein. Danone’s Yopro has 15g of protein.

In short you don’t need a lot of protein if you are sedentary. Instead, we should aim to have more fiber.

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