Health issues on the rise

Here are some of the health issues on the rise for sedentary office workers. If we don’t act now these issues will become worse.

Mental health issues

This has been on the rise for quite some time. In Melbourne alone, homelessness has contributed to the mental health issues. What you eat has a connection with mental health. If you eat the good stuff then you’ll be happier. If you eat the bad stuff all the time then you’ll feel like crap.


Last year alone obesity in Australia has been high. And if we don’t combat this now it will lead to greater problems such as diabetes.

Gut health

Its another one that is on the rise. In the last year alone, gut health has been extremely important. And within good reason.

Without it we will suffer from other chronic diseases such as heart attack, failure, flu and other symptoms.

Heart attacks/disease

According to, 18500 people in Australia die each year from heart disease. Yet not many people get health checks unless it is free. Almost everyone has some sort of risk factor for heart attack,


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