Should personal trainers sell supplements to clients?

This one’s a controversial one. Its been asked a lot on Facebook!

The weight loss industry is a popular one and people want to know about supplements from their personal trainer. People want to know about what sort of supplements can help with their weight loss.

Every year the supplement industry makes billions of dollars from their sales. But if people don’t use it correctly it can have some major ramifications such as illness or death.

Technically it’s against the guidelines of Fitness Australia as they are not nutritionists. Here they can only recommend the five food groups unless they are a nutritionist. Those that give the wrong advice can be subject to legal ramifications.

But if someone asks about protein, I would tell them that Herbalife works for me and if they are interested then I would give them the website and they can research their options. I would also ask about their goals and how much weight they are looking to lose. I would also ask if they are training for any major events as this can change their protein and supplement needs.

What works for one person does not work well for everyone. People should research their options and see what’s best for them.

As for me. I take Herbalife to enhance my performance. It tastes great and it has no artificial flavors. But I would also have real food as well and my water. I am training for the Melbourne Marathon at the end of the year, hence my needs are different.

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