Five things I have in my gym bag

Guys ever wondered what’s in my gym bag? Here are five things that are always there besides clothes, money and important stuff


  1. Herbalife smoothie protein powder- I never know when I might need this. I like to put mine in yogurt or different smoothies.
  2. Snacks- I am a very big eater and as a marathoner, I must eat heaps. I love almonds, apricots, fruits, whatever you name it.
  3. Water- I don’t go without two water bottles. As a marathoner, we drink a lot. I normally get them for free at the events that I go to, but if you buy them you can buy them at the King of knives, Typo, Myer, and T2.
  4. Cables for charging my devices- I don’t normally leave without a cable, power bank or two. As a blogger, I love to take photos of healthy habits and post them on Instagram. I also love letting people know what I do. Without a fully charged battery, it’s hard to take photos and blog wherever I go. Sometimes there might not be a way to charge my phone for a while and the battery dies quickly.
  5. My reusable cup- I never know when there is a free coffee or hot chocolate opportunity.  Or I just simply put some of my Herbalife tea in there and enjoy.

Guys what is in your bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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