The celery juice diet

The diet is popular with everyone as it is just an easy drink. You can have this on the go.

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I’m not a real fan of this. In fact I hate this diet. It doesn’t have any other foods other than celery and apple. But it does have water. You are supposed to drink 450 mls of it each day in the morning.

On Instagram and Facebook, it is the most debated subject as of now.  Medical Medium says that it’s good. But I don’t entirely believe them. Most of the bloggers and nutritionists slam the diet. You have to have some real food as well. You have to have your proteins for lean muscle mass.

If you were to juice it in a blender and the apple, you’d be missing out on the good fibers that the body needs. These fibers would be in the pulp.

The diet aims to improve gut health and fight stomach inflamation.

Some of the side effects are frequent urination, feeling hungry and kidney issues.

In short don’t bother with this diet. Its better to eat some real food and do some exercise to lose the weight in the long run.

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