Our February round up

This month was pretty busy in terms of the blog and on Facebook. For a while Google thought that the blog was spam but when a few changes were made it decided to let the blog back on to Facebook. So now I can share posts.

I can also share on Instagram. On Instagram, we gained about 100 followers. The most popular posts were the portion sizes one that I had regrammed from someone and the slimmer waist one. Most people also liked the healthy food posts meaning that they want some sustainable ways to lose weight. The one where weight was posted got 22 likes.

Twitter saw us get 397 followers about the same as last time. Thursday, Feb 14 was really busy as it was Valentine’s day. But then the other days were really quiet.

As for the blog itself, the rankings haven’t changed. But February 28th saw us have 19 visitors as people were interested in Febfast and quitting sugar.

So what next for our blog? We are hoping that our blog will impact more people on Twitter and on Facebook. Most people love running and weight loss posts and in March we hope to write more topics related to health and office workers as we have a background in this. Both of us have worked in offices before and know how stressful it gets.

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