What is toxic fat

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Toxic fat is the fat around your middle. This is the visceral fat that wraps around the organs. It is the most dangerous of fat. This fat clogs up the organs. This sort of fat makes a person more vulnerable to joint pain and cardiovascular disease!

Office workers are more susceptible to it as there are lots of food courts around and they lead sedentary lives. It is caused by having too much junk food and not enough exercise. It also is compounded by the bad sleeping patterns that we have.

People with high visceral fat should aim to lose it by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is common for everyone.

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This is the stress that happens every day and we should learn to manage it well. Learning to manage this well is hard. Office workers are the most vulnerable to stress as they always have to work long hours to meet their deadlines

Chronic stress can come from your day job or relationship or financial issues. But for some people, stress is taking over their lifestyle. If we don’t manage this then you might put on weight as the cortisol levels go up.

Stress is the number 1 killer in today’s society. Feeling that stress everyday can lead to depression and anxiety. But there are ways to deal with it.

Ways to manage stress:

  • Meditate- 10 to 15 mins of it a day will help to destress
  • Think positively- banish negative thoughts
  • Do yoga- there are plenty of free yoga classes at the gym
  • Drink lots of water
  • Compliment someone on how they look or they work. They will like it and you’ll get on much better with that person. In return, they might compliment you.
  • Talk to your boss if they gave you too much to do and learn to say no
  • Sleep well- when you sleep well your cortisol levels goes down. If you don’t sleep well your cortisol levels go up and then after a while you will gain weight due to the overeating. When the cortisol goes up so does the appetite levels
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol as it increases your stress and your risk of cancer!
  • Claim your lunchbreaks- too many people eat lunch at their desk. Use that time to walk around the block or go to the park.

The real truth about weight loss summit

The Real Truth about Weight Loss summit went on for nine days and it was really valuable. This summit was an online one where there were 4-5 speakers each day and most of their seminars went for an hour. Hosted by Chef AJ this summit talked about some of the problems with weight loss and how we can manage to fix the issue.

They also emphasized the fact that obesity can lead to all sorts of cancers such as Type 2 diabetes


Some of the key points I took away from those seminars are:

  • Support- we need lots of support from people to lose weight whether it’s from your family and friends or your gym
  • Diet is the number one factor- we eat too much-processed foods and meats. We should be going on a plant-based diet. We eat way too much fat and that is not good for us. Animal products have no fiber in them. Even nuts have a lot of fat in them.
  • For diabetics, cutting carbs is not the answer. You should have some simple carbs, but get rid of the added sugars and fats that are with those carbs.
  • Starch is the number one thing that nearly all the speakers mentioned. We are made to eat starch not animal products and fats
  • They all talk about the sweet potato being a great vegetable and a starchy carb
  • Weight loss is a very long and arduous process that we all go through. It is a lot of hard work to get there.
  • We all need to drink about 2-4L of water every day.

Celiac Awareness Week

This week was Celiac Awareness Week and it was really fun to try and eat more vegetables and less of the processed foods. It was recommended to me by the Australian Health guide.



If you are celiac you cannot have any gluten. So out goes the cakes and breads which are not gluten free.

Many cafes have a few gluten free things on the menu. That is good but there needs to be more awareness around this condition.

This week I tried to avoid all added sugars and gluten. Instead I went for wholesome options like salad and homemade lunch.

It was hard but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed eating salads.

Pity there wasn’t a lot of events in Melbourne for us to go to and mingle with others going through this. If there were it would have been great. But at least I could enjoy the quinoa salad at Lentils as Anything.

Thankfully most of the wines did not have gluten in them. I would have loved a beer or two though/

Sugary drinks

Over summer we consume a lot of drinks to keep ourselves cool and hydrated. In America, the obesity problem is huge and it’s rising. A lot of Americans consume too many sugary drinks and its bad for their teeth and waistlines.

Our bodies cannot process a  lot of the added sugars

The worst offenders are

  • Coke- coke has 64g of sugar in one 500 ml bottle.
  • 7/11 Slurpees- some of them are sugarless whilst others have 20g of sugar. Look for the ones that are sugarless.
  • Some of the sports drinks such as Gatorade. This is especially if you are the most sedentary person. For active people it’s ok.
  • Any of the frozen drinks at Maccas and Hungry Jacks. They all contain sugar and you can get refills. It is the same for Subway.
  • Chattime teas- contains sugar unless you ask for no sugar.
  • Lipton Iced teas. They might seem healthy for you but they do have about 40-50g of sugar in there.

So there you have it. If you want a drink its best to stick to water or herbal teas as they have no sugar in them. Also we should be drinking about 3-4L of water per day.

Our three year anniversary

Oh, how time flies.

In 2016 we started this blog wanting to impact lives and make a contribution to the health community. We wanted to put a stop to all this obesity going on in the world. Instead, this has not stopped as people kept on getting bigger and bigger and the cost is now out of this world.

In that time we learned so much from running our first marathon last year to other serious issues such as cheating.

During that time we learned about ways to stay healthy and sane. We also learned about the different awareness days that goes on in the world such as world Autism day and we learned to embrace autism rather than run away from it. R U Ok day is another one worth mentioning. Here we got to talk to other people and find out about what is going on in their lives and just be the listening ear.

We learned about the crazy challenges and things that people come with such as Sugar-free September and Febfast and we learned to embrace both.

We learned a bit about relaxation and family time and will continue to do so.

And then this year we started learning more about office health and the health of the office workers.

This year we aim to learn lots more about ourselves and attend things like the Global Wellness summit as wellness and health are a big trend right now in the world

The fitspo trend: is it worth it?

The “fitspo” trend is just pure dumbness. It’s been going on for years on Instagram and some of the really good ones have lots of likes on them. Thousands of them.

woman wearing black tank top taking work out

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These days people post images of themselves on social media looking good. They all have the six pack abs and skinny waistlines and they can benchpress 70kgs at the gym. Why? Because, they see everyone doing it!

Obviously, most of these pictures have been airbrushed.

What??? I can’t even do that and I weigh 52kgs or thereabouts. I can only get up to 20kgs and then I start to throw up. It would take years to master 70kgs not to mention to eat more food to put on the weight.

The trend is also downright dangerous with it promoting clean eating and calorie cutting. What is wrong with clean eating? I love my vegetables. We are made to eat!

In the Global Wellness summit, they talk about fitspo being a dangerous trend and it is! People develop eating disorders from it. And some people may take a while to recover from those.

In short eat real foods and be patient with weight loss. It may take months or years to lose that weight. Its a marathon and not a sprint.

We all fall down

From time to time we all make mistakes.


But its how you get back up that matters.

Yes, I have had bad training days and some bad races. But we all learn from our mistakes. I did have a bad Melbourne Marathon in the first year but I got back up and did quite alright in the second one.

I accidentally cheated by not knowing the actual course.  And went the wrong way quite a few times

I learned from my mistakes by studying the route rigorously. And practicing on it.

So how does this relate to you?

Its ok to make a few mistakes and have a few bad races. But you get back up from it. And you learn from your mistakes.

Its the same for weight loss. People punish themselves for not going a certain way or getting to a certain goal. Its ok to have a bad day and binge, but just get back up the next day and don’t make a habit of it.

Everyone’s human!

Guys do you have bad days? If so how do you deal with them?

Seven snack swaps

That are not sugary ones.

We as office workers enjoy sugar, particularly at morning tea time. But did you know that too much sugar is bad for you? Not only is it bad for your teeth, it’s bad for your waistline. As sedentary people, we should aim to have less added sugar.

Added sugar is the sugar you find in most cakes, sweets and other processed foods. So here are seven great snack ideas.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs have about 6g of protein and will keep you full for longer. Do it the night before and you leave it in your fridge. Take it out in the morning and put it in a small container.

Or if time is not on your side you can buy them for $4-$5 at the supermarket on your way to work.

Greek yoghurt and fruit

I love Greek yogurt as its low in fat and has the good bacteria in there. I love to have it with fruit for that extra sweetness.

A cheese jaffle

You can make this in the office kitchen. Here you’ll need a sandwich press which you can buy at Harvey Norman (just make sure you get the boss’s permission to buy it)! Or you might already have one.

Then you’ll need just bread and cheese. You can buy these at the supermarket.

An egg omelette without the toast.

Here you can order this from your favourite cafe downstairs.

Plain milk

A litre of plain milk is about $4-$5 and is about 120 calories. It also helps you get your calcium needs in.


Plain oats without the sugar and with milk is great. You can do overnight oats if you want.

Home baked treats

You can do a huge batch over the weekend of cakes, biscuits etc and you don’t have to put a lot of sugar in there.

Another one I like are nuts as they have good fats and you can buy them for $1 at Woolies. There are many different varieties of nuts.

Take away food- is it good or bad

In a recent study, it was found that many Australians eat junk food around 3-4 times a week and that is concerning for us dieticians and doctors as well as personal trainers.

So we ask the question: is takeaway food good or bad?

It can be both, depending on how many times a week you have this. If you have this type of food five times a week then it is bad for you. But once or twice a week is fine. They have too much sodium in them, something that is bad for your body. Sodium is salt and too much of it can make you feel dehydrated.

But myfitness pal has some good ideas on takeout foods. They should be steamed not fried. Chicken and vegetables are usually a good idea.

They are also expensive as well. If you eat them all the time you will put on weight and maybe, in the long run, get diabetes and heart and liver problems.

If you want to have take away food you could always make it yourself with the airfryer. There is less oil and it tastes much nicer homemade. Oh and we can do without the salt too thanks!