What is toxic fat

Toxic fat is the fat around your middle. This is the visceral fat that wraps around the organs. It is the most dangerous of fat. This fat clogs up the organs. This sort of fat makes a person more vulnerable to joint pain and cardiovascular disease! Office workers are more susceptible to it as thereContinue reading “What is toxic fat”


Chronic stress

Chronic stress is common for everyone. This is the stress that happens every day and we should learn to manage it well. Learning to manage this well is hard. Office workers are the most vulnerable to stress as they always have to work long hours to meet their deadlines Chronic stress can come from yourContinue reading “Chronic stress”

The real truth about weight loss summit

The Real Truth about Weight Loss summit went on for nine days and it was really valuable. This summit was an online one where there were 4-5 speakers each day and most of their seminars went for an hour. Hosted by Chef AJ this summit talked about some of the problems with weight loss andContinue reading “The real truth about weight loss summit”

Celiac Awareness Week

This week was Celiac Awareness Week and it was really fun to try and eat more vegetables and less of the processed foods. It was recommended to me by the Australian Health guide.   If you are celiac you cannot have any gluten. So out goes the cakes and breads which are not gluten free.Continue reading “Celiac Awareness Week”

Sugary drinks

Over summer we consume a lot of drinks to keep ourselves cool and hydrated. In America, the obesity problem is huge and it’s rising. A lot of Americans consume too many sugary drinks and its bad for their teeth and waistlines. Our bodies cannot process a  lot of the added sugars The worst offenders areContinue reading “Sugary drinks”

Our three year anniversary

Oh, how time flies. In 2016 we started this blog wanting to impact lives and make a contribution to the health community. We wanted to put a stop to all this obesity going on in the world. Instead, this has not stopped as people kept on getting bigger and bigger and the cost is nowContinue reading “Our three year anniversary”

The fitspo trend: is it worth it?

The “fitspo” trend is just pure dumbness. It’s been going on for years on Instagram and some of the really good ones have lots of likes on them. Thousands of them. These days people post images of themselves on social media looking good. They all have the six pack abs and skinny waistlines and theyContinue reading “The fitspo trend: is it worth it?”

We all fall down

From time to time we all make mistakes. But its how you get back up that matters. Yes, I have had bad training days and some bad races. But we all learn from our mistakes. I did have a bad Melbourne Marathon in the first year but I got back up and did quite alrightContinue reading “We all fall down”

Seven snack swaps

That are not sugary ones. We as office workers enjoy sugar, particularly at morning tea time. But did you know that too much sugar is bad for you? Not only is it bad for your teeth, it’s bad for your waistline. As sedentary people, we should aim to have less added sugar. Added sugar isContinue reading “Seven snack swaps”

Take away food- is it good or bad

In a recent study, it was found that many Australians eat junk food around 3-4 times a week and that is concerning for us dieticians and doctors as well as personal trainers. So we ask the question: is takeaway food good or bad? It can be both, depending on how many times a week youContinue reading “Take away food- is it good or bad”

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