Febfast 2019

Febfast 2019  is a month long challenge of giving up sweets, alcohol and other things. I picked sweets because it is the thing that most people find hardest to give up. Here people can raise money for charity.

I could have fruits, kombucha, Proud and Punch ice cream and homemade sweets. I could not have commercially made sweets and other sugary items which people took for granted.

It was hard at first but then some of the cafes came around and they started to cater to those that can’t eat sweets. To tell the truth the office workers from the many office buildings always come out at 10:30am and eat sugary sweets. I got used to eating everything savory. In that time I ate eggs as a snack. At the cupcake store, I just went with coffee and no cupcake. One time I brought a vegetarian pie into that store.

I found it really hard to quit sweets as a runner. But as a normal person, it was all fine and its something that I would do again. It’s a good thing that a lot of the cafes have their own homemade nut slices and museli which have no added sugar.

So should you take on the challenge? Yeah definitely as too many people eat a lot of sugar and some of them are added. Too much sugar leads to obesity and other health-related problems. It’s easy to give up sugar if you switch to water and if you eat lots of fruit.

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