Top fitness trends for 2019

Here are some of our top fitness trends for 2019. Health and wellness have played such a big part of our lives and it can for you too.

Wearable  technology

We love our Garmin and our Fitbits as they count our steps. People can really discover a lot more about themselves and us women can learn a lot more about our menstruation with some period tracking apps.

They are normally priced anywhere between $200-$900 depending on what you get.


This is a fast workout which burns about 400-500 calories in an hour according to myfitnesspal. People want shorter classes, ones of which are 45 mins or less.

Group fitness classes

I’m always in love with group fitness classes as I love the leadership styles of most if not all of them. I always love to be guided by a coach. RPM class and other classes seem to be full.

Body weight things

Many people in Australia and around the world are poor so some of them might not afford the gym. Here we’re thinking squats and planks which people can do at home. Livestrong’s challenges proved to be a hit with people last year.

Exercise is medicine

Exercise makes everyone happy and in 2019 it will always be a number one priority on most people’s list.

 Personal trainers

They can change people’s mindset about fitness and food. Although expensive they can be a great aly.  But make sure that you get the right one and make sure that they are registered with a fitness body such as Fitness Australia.

Exercise for weight loss

More and more people are obese and need to lose weight fast. In places like Australia, the UK and America this is such a huge problem. Hence Fitness first gym is always busy.  Doctors are always prescribing exercise to those that are overweight.

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