Running on a hot day

I get asked this question a lot and I have asked it a lot in the past.



In Australia, it is summer now and February and March are very warm months.  The Melbourne Marathon is done in October and the last few I have had was on a warm day. Normally the race is run on a 24-27C day, but I have heard that it sometimes gets to 35C.

So how do I get used to the heat?

For everyone heat acclimatization is different. Most people take up to two weeks to get used to the heat.

How much water do I need to drink if it’s hot?

Personally, I would suggest about 2-3L more for a long race but it all depends on you. Practice your water drinking strategy in training so that you get used to it on race day. There are plenty of aid stations but they only have just enough for everyone. I normally carry two bottles of water on my long runs.

You should get used to wearing a hat and try and wear the same one that you wore in training for the race.

If you want to wear shorts for the race, make sure that you practice this in training and with the shorts that you are going to wear for the race. Cotton on in Melbourne and Australia have some good running shorts. I think they are priced at $24.

Don’t wear too tight clothes or clothes that are made out of cotton as they will not absorb the sweat.

Races like Ironman and Melbourne Marathon will have icy poles and cola and its best to try these out in training so that you’ll get used to it.

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