Should doctors and surgeons in a hospital setting be treated better?

In the Sydney Morning Herald last week, I read a story about a woman called Yumiko who worked at Bankstown hospital continuously. She had worked there for four months, training to be a plastic surgeon. At one time she had worked 24 days in a row at one time and worked over 100 hours overtime. She also slept in the recovery room most of the time. During that time she made some poor choices on food and as a result, had gained weight.

In the end, though she quit and that was the right choice to make. Now she shared her story to help other junior doctors.

Some of the other doctors and surgeons wanted to kill themselves due to the many hours that they have to work without a break.

In Australia, we have a whole host of problems to deal with due to poor diet and being sedentary.

Some of the junior doctors have been bullied and its a huge problem in our hospitals. There was a report on this done by the Australian Medical Association and they said that one woman was asked to touch her colleague’s nipples.

Should doctors and surgeons be treated better?

The answer’s yes! Because a happy doctor and surgeon equal happier patients.  Hospitals should employ more doctors and surgeons to meet their needs.

HR should be friendlier and more approachable to people. They should roster the doctors and staff for not more than 40 hours per week with some days off.  Doctors and surgeons should not take calls after they sign out.

If you are being bullied at work you should speak up about it. And not work so many hours.

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