Train to busan

Train to Busan is a Korean scary movie which has a lot of food for thought. Here it is set in Seoul and the train goes to Busan. It is a Korean town about an hour or two by train. The movie starts off with thousands of people but then by the end there are only two- the mother and the child.

The actors were really good in this. Normally in scary movies, they are sooo bad that you wouldn’t want to see this a second time. But here it is all good and you can watch it on Youtube.

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The movie is all about a scary, hellish ride in which almost everyone gets turned into zombies. There was a zombie virus going on in Korea where everyone that gets bitten by someone is turned into a zombie. And then that zombie bites others.

It’s a horror film that encourages teamwork and relationships to survive. Without these people, we cannot survive in this world. In the film, everyone (albeit the evil business guy) gets along with each other and they almost make it until the very end. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Whenever I don’t sleep, I end up feeling like the zombies in the film ready to kill someone. All the zombies are stressed out and so are the people in the movie trying to run away from them.

Lesson being, help each other out in a time of crisis and you too may just be rewarded.

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