Febfast 2019

Febfast 2019  is a month long challenge of giving up sweets, alcohol and other things. I picked sweets because it is the thing that most people find hardest to give up. Here people can raise money for charity.

I could have fruits, kombucha, Proud and Punch ice cream and homemade sweets. I could not have commercially made sweets and other sugary items which people took for granted.

It was hard at first but then some of the cafes came around and they started to cater to those that can’t eat sweets. To tell the truth the office workers from the many office buildings always come out at 10:30am and eat sugary sweets. I got used to eating everything savory. In that time I ate eggs as a snack. At the cupcake store, I just went with coffee and no cupcake. One time I brought a vegetarian pie into that store.

I found it really hard to quit sweets as a runner. But as a normal person, it was all fine and its something that I would do again. It’s a good thing that a lot of the cafes have their own homemade nut slices and museli which have no added sugar.

So should you take on the challenge? Yeah definitely as too many people eat a lot of sugar and some of them are added. Too much sugar leads to obesity and other health-related problems. It’s easy to give up sugar if you switch to water and if you eat lots of fruit.

The Beauty Industry

And is it really all worth that money?

An average Australian woman spends around $2000 per year on makeup, beauty and hair treatments. She loves to look good. She loves to spend time on her face and she doesn’t care where its done.

On the tram, I see lots of women putting on their makeup when they don’t need much and it infuriates me as they already have a beautiful face. You don’t need makeup and all that makeup that you put on your skin just makes it look even worse. Do that five times a week and years down the track when you get older it gets really bad.

Of course, I get that some professions need it such as a flight attendant or a waitress in a high-class restaurant. Come on, do the office workers really need that makeup? We’re not seeing people day to day, you’re hiding behind a desk!

Ladies, let your skin and your inner beauty do the talking. You don’t need any makeup, just a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep and you’ll be just fine. Come to think of it you’ll save all that money on cosmetics. No one will care about what your face looks like without makeup.

One day your skin and your wallet will thank you. Oh, and you’ll get used to everyone seeing your flaws.

Top fitness trends for 2019

Here are some of our top fitness trends for 2019. Health and wellness have played such a big part of our lives and it can for you too.

Wearable  technology

We love our Garmin and our Fitbits as they count our steps. People can really discover a lot more about themselves and us women can learn a lot more about our menstruation with some period tracking apps.

They are normally priced anywhere between $200-$900 depending on what you get.


This is a fast workout which burns about 400-500 calories in an hour according to myfitnesspal. People want shorter classes, ones of which are 45 mins or less.

Group fitness classes

I’m always in love with group fitness classes as I love the leadership styles of most if not all of them. I always love to be guided by a coach. RPM class and other classes seem to be full.

Body weight things

Many people in Australia and around the world are poor so some of them might not afford the gym. Here we’re thinking squats and planks which people can do at home. Livestrong’s challenges proved to be a hit with people last year.

Exercise is medicine

Exercise makes everyone happy and in 2019 it will always be a number one priority on most people’s list.

 Personal trainers

They can change people’s mindset about fitness and food. Although expensive they can be a great aly.  But make sure that you get the right one and make sure that they are registered with a fitness body such as Fitness Australia.

Exercise for weight loss

More and more people are obese and need to lose weight fast. In places like Australia, the UK and America this is such a huge problem. Hence Fitness first gym is always busy.  Doctors are always prescribing exercise to those that are overweight.

Running on a hot day

I get asked this question a lot and I have asked it a lot in the past.



In Australia, it is summer now and February and March are very warm months.  The Melbourne Marathon is done in October and the last few I have had was on a warm day. Normally the race is run on a 24-27C day, but I have heard that it sometimes gets to 35C.

So how do I get used to the heat?

For everyone heat acclimatization is different. Most people take up to two weeks to get used to the heat.

How much water do I need to drink if it’s hot?

Personally, I would suggest about 2-3L more for a long race but it all depends on you. Practice your water drinking strategy in training so that you get used to it on race day. There are plenty of aid stations but they only have just enough for everyone. I normally carry two bottles of water on my long runs.

You should get used to wearing a hat and try and wear the same one that you wore in training for the race.

If you want to wear shorts for the race, make sure that you practice this in training and with the shorts that you are going to wear for the race. Cotton on in Melbourne and Australia have some good running shorts. I think they are priced at $24.

Don’t wear too tight clothes or clothes that are made out of cotton as they will not absorb the sweat.

Races like Ironman and Melbourne Marathon will have icy poles and cola and its best to try these out in training so that you’ll get used to it.

Should doctors and surgeons in a hospital setting be treated better?

In the Sydney Morning Herald last week, I read a story about a woman called Yumiko who worked at Bankstown hospital continuously. She had worked there for four months, training to be a plastic surgeon. At one time she had worked 24 days in a row at one time and worked over 100 hours overtime. She also slept in the recovery room most of the time. During that time she made some poor choices on food and as a result, had gained weight.

In the end, though she quit and that was the right choice to make. Now she shared her story to help other junior doctors.

Some of the other doctors and surgeons wanted to kill themselves due to the many hours that they have to work without a break.

In Australia, we have a whole host of problems to deal with due to poor diet and being sedentary.

Some of the junior doctors have been bullied and its a huge problem in our hospitals. There was a report on this done by the Australian Medical Association and they said that one woman was asked to touch her colleague’s nipples.

Should doctors and surgeons be treated better?

The answer’s yes! Because a happy doctor and surgeon equal happier patients.  Hospitals should employ more doctors and surgeons to meet their needs.

HR should be friendlier and more approachable to people. They should roster the doctors and staff for not more than 40 hours per week with some days off.  Doctors and surgeons should not take calls after they sign out.

If you are being bullied at work you should speak up about it. And not work so many hours.

The Happiness plan book


Have you ever wanted to live life stress-free and always happy?

If so there is this book called the “Happiness Plan”. It is written by the person who started the Mindfulness in May program. The Mindfulness in May program has helped many people to become happier and healthier as such. And it has taught them to live stress-free.

The book is really easy to read and understand and it has all the simple steps in there which you can take every day to help yourself. The hard part is remembering to do those steps.

The program is a four-week simple program where you learn about mindfulness and meditation. The book costs about $23 at all bookstores.


Festival21 is an event in Melbourne which is free for all. Here I learned more about Australia’s obesity problem and what we can do to stop it.


It was a cashless event but luckily I had my credit card on me. They were trying to save the environment. Here everyone also had to bring reusable cups and bottles and bring them.

Here they mentioned that the supermarket is a mind field and that’s what it is these days. People are eating too much protein and not enough of other nutrients which is highly dangerous for their health.

People need to read labels and companies can be misleading as there are now 42 different types of sugars and consumers need to be wary. I hate things that say high protein (we don’t need that much protein as a person really). Nowadays everything is manufactured and are not whole foods.

And speaking of dangerous, social media can sometimes be a bit dangerous. A few years ago it used to be about people sharing their pictures. Now its all about brands and advertising. And some of the bloggers get paid to do something that they don’t even like. When I post a picture it should be truthful and not some paid product. I don’t mind being invited so long as it aligns with my values.

Office fundraising activities could be things like a curry cart or some fruit which is presented nicely.

Many thanks to the team that ran such a good day on a really warm 35C. And hope  that it is on again next year.

Our January events

Here’s a wrap up of our January events which was not much after Christmas

New years

This one was pretty much a blur as it was just relaxing at home and doing not much.

Australian Open

This one lasted two weeks and cost me almost nothing. You can see the other post on it and I did spend a bit of time at the AO festival in Birrang marr. Here I only got a free sun visor courtesy of Canadian club and I had to pay $5.90 for the tea.

Australia day

This one was just relaxing with a sausage in hand. I got the sausage at the Arts Centre Market,


Our January recap


There wasn’t a lot of posting on the blog front as we were recuperating from holidays and Christmas.

But we did get about 20 new followers on Instagram and my weight loss photo got 21 likes. The one that was regrammed from Fitness first got 23 likes. The G’day diabetes got 23 likes. In the new year, many people want to lose weight and would love to know how. Weight loss is such a huge issue and many people wanted to lose weight in the new year. Hence many people signed up to the gym.

People liked all the regrams on Instagram and that’s how I got more follows.

Twitter and Shape up are still the same. No new likes this month.

But I got 4 new followers this month on my site which is great.

Bounce balls

Bounce balls have been around for quite some time and they are my favorite brand of snack.

They have 10 g of protein and not a lot of added sugar in them which is awesome. Here they keep you fuller for longer. They are super addictive and are an easy snack for on the go.

At Woolies, they sometimes have this for $2. But their normal price is around $3.49. They also sell at my gym for around $3-$4

They have a lot of different flavors and I have tried a couple of them. I enjoyed the plant protein one which is easier for those that don’t like whey and want to lose the weight. I loved the peanut butter flavour in this.

Do buy them if you want something quick and is healthy for you!