Febfast 2019

Febfast 2019  is a month long challenge of giving up sweets, alcohol and other things. I picked sweets because it is the thing that most people find hardest to give up. Here people can raise money for charity. I could have fruits, kombucha, Proud and Punch ice cream and homemade sweets. I could not haveContinue reading “Febfast 2019”


The Beauty Industry

And is it really all worth that money? An average Australian woman spends around $2000 per year on makeup, beauty and hair treatments. She loves to look good. She loves to spend time on her face and she doesn’t care where its done. On the tram, I see lots of women putting on their makeupContinue reading “The Beauty Industry”

Top fitness trends for 2019

Here are some of our top fitness trends for 2019. Health and wellness have played such a big part of our lives and it can for you too. Wearable  technology We love our Garmin and our Fitbits as they count our steps. People can really discover a lot more about themselves and us women canContinue reading “Top fitness trends for 2019”

Running on a hot day

I get asked this question a lot and I have asked it a lot in the past.   In Australia, it is summer now and February and March are very warm months.  The Melbourne Marathon is done in October and the last few I have had was on a warm day. Normally the race isContinue reading “Running on a hot day”

Should doctors and surgeons in a hospital setting be treated better?

In the Sydney Morning Herald last week, I read a story about a woman called Yumiko who worked at Bankstown hospital continuously. She had worked there for four months, training to be a plastic surgeon. At one time she had worked 24 days in a row at one time and worked over 100 hours overtime.Continue reading “Should doctors and surgeons in a hospital setting be treated better?”

The Happiness plan book

Have you ever wanted to live life stress-free and always happy? If so there is this book called the “Happiness Plan”. It is written by the person who started the Mindfulness in May program. The Mindfulness in May program has helped many people to become happier and healthier as such. And it has taught themContinue reading “The Happiness plan book”


Festival21 is an event in Melbourne which is free for all. Here I learned more about Australia’s obesity problem and what we can do to stop it.   It was a cashless event but luckily I had my credit card on me. They were trying to save the environment. Here everyone also had to bringContinue reading “Festival21”

Our January recap

There wasn’t a lot of posting on the blog front as we were recuperating from holidays and Christmas. But we did get about 20 new followers on Instagram and my weight loss photo got 21 likes. The one that was regrammed from Fitness first got 23 likes. The G’day diabetes got 23 likes. In theContinue reading “Our January recap”

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