Patients like me

Patients like me is a site for all people. I found out about this site from reading some report on it and I decided to try it.


This site is really good for mental health and connecting with feelings. Here they do monthly check-ups and you can ask for recommendations. They have hundreds of conditions on there and you can search for your one. If its not there you can suggest one.

I tried it for the month of January and all worked well. Here people do help you out if you are stuck. And yes I’m borderline autistic meaning that all the help I got was great.

Here I learned to feel empathy for people. Feeling empathy for people is a good thing. I did a couple of good deeds for the homeless as times are tough. It also made me reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time and not those that are always at my gym.

Patients like me made me appreciate those that are autistic and can’t afford the gym. If only the government here in Australia were that simple. If they were giving a lot more money out to the poor for the gym then obesity would be stamped. In here everything is expensive.

Sleeping that month was on the ok side. Stressing about things was not so great and can be improved.

Do sign up for that site if you need some help. Its free and they will send out notifications to your email.

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