The Australian Open

Thanks to Blackmores I went to the Open for free

This year I walked to the Australian Open rather than tram it. In other years I trammed it there. It was not too hot which I enjoyed. When it is hot its hard to enjoy it.

Normally it is $54 (ticket plus handling fees by Ticketek). And no they don’t do concession ever since they offered the free one at Federation Square

This year I went to an outside court rather than an inside one. It was a lot of fun watching Verdasco play.

This year there seemed to be a lot more alcohol rather than food. And food was overpriced. For example the icecream I had at Hagen Daaz was $6 for just one scoop. And the wines were $10 a pop. Aperol spritz which was their sponsor had their glass for $15 when it should have been free for all.

Tickets this year were $56 (and that is including their handling fees which were $2.70).

As for the vegemite sandwiches they should have been free. At $6 it was a bit steep for just a bit of bread, cheese and vegemite. At Southern Cross we would have got it free.

Do go to the Australian open for fun but bring your own food.

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