Five reasons that we don’t exercise

For most people their new years resolution is to lose weight. One of the ways to do that is by exercising. Here are five reasons why we don’t exercise


No time

For office workers and the like it can be hard to find time. But do try and make time each day for exercise. Exercise is about 30-60 mins each day and you build from there

It’s  inconvenient

Yes its inconvenient but there are 24/7 gyms or you can exercise at home with a few DVD’s. Or you could walk in the park or the beach if you live near one.

It’s not fun

Exercise can be fun depending on what you want it to be. You could do it with friends or you can make friends at the gym

I lack motivation

If you lack motivation, think of a big goal such as run marathons. This is time-consuming. Just picture yourself being able to fit into those skinny jeans after you lose the weight and then that might be motivation for you.

I don’t eat much junk but I find that if you work out a lot, then you could reward yourself with a small piece of junk food.

I lack the confidence in going to the gym

Start easy and small. Get a PT if you have to. Go to the group classes. Most newbies are usually overweight and they need to lose some weight, so don’t worry about being the only one who is fat.

So lets make exercise a goal for 2019.

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