Bicycle Network and why I joined

The Bicycle Network has been around for many years and for years they have been great to their riders and supporters. They offer email newsletters every month. They are based in Melbourne and their office is in the city. They offer many events for riders and supporters alike. One of the ones they have isContinue reading “Bicycle Network and why I joined”


Patients like me

Patients like me is a site for all people. I found out about this site from reading some report on it and I decided to try it. This site is really good for mental health and connecting with feelings. Here they do monthly check-ups and you can ask for recommendations. They have hundreds of conditionsContinue reading “Patients like me”

Healthy weight week

Healthy week weight falls in the third week of January. “Just what is a healthy weight?” For me a healthy weight is 51kgs. That would mean that I have a BMI around 19. For most people this is healthy. Now weight can fluctuate sometimes particularly for females. So I would suggest weighing yourself once aContinue reading “Healthy weight week”

The Australian Open

Thanks to Blackmores I went to the Open for free This year I walked to the Australian Open rather than tram it. In other years I trammed it there. It was not too hot which I enjoyed. When it is hot its hard to enjoy it. Normally it is $54 (ticket plus handling fees byContinue reading “The Australian Open”

Why having a good gut is important for runners

A healthy gut= a healthy immune system. Runners are more susceptible to diseases as they can hurt their gut. Hence it is why runners should take care of their gut. You spend a lot of time outdoors and at the gym. A good gut helps us runs faster. It helps get rid of bad bacteria.Continue reading “Why having a good gut is important for runners”

Five reasons that we don’t exercise

For most people their new years resolution is to lose weight. One of the ways to do that is by exercising. Here are five reasons why we don’t exercise No time For office workers and the like it can be hard to find time. But do try and make time each day for exercise. ExerciseContinue reading “Five reasons that we don’t exercise”

Are energy drinks good or bad for you

Many people drink an energy drink or two a day and whilst it picks them up, they may not realise how harmful having one each day is. I got both my drinks free from the 7/11 on their promo days. I had a V drink and that drink was really strong. It caused all sortsContinue reading “Are energy drinks good or bad for you”

Our December happenings

Not much happened in December. It was the time for Christmas and New Years. On the Instagramsphere we got about 50 new followers as people wanted to celebrate Christmas and not focus so much on weight but on health. As for Twitter, we didn’t get any followers. The number stayed the same and it wasContinue reading “Our December happenings”

How to make great New Year’s weight loss resolutions

And how to keep them off. Ever needed to lose weight just after the Christmas period? If so you are not alone. And here are some ways to do it. Set SMART goals These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Time-oriented goals Ie I will lose xx amount of kgs in this amount of time.Continue reading “How to make great New Year’s weight loss resolutions”

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