Why being a health blogger can be challenging

This is my take on why health blogging can be a bit of a challenge.


The field and industry are always changing. You have to pick up new skills all the time and practice on friends and family that just don’t get it.

You have to buy the latest books and learn the latest courses. Money can be a bit of an issue when you have the other bills to pay. You also have to learn about the latest fads such as keto. And you have to follow the Fitness Australia rules and nutrition policies. If I made up my own diet and recommended to everyone it might not be correct and someone can die.

According to Fitness Australia we’re not allowed to promote supplements for people, but some people find that they can be quite beneficial so long as they don’t diet. Some of the supplements that are out there on the market can be scams and we need to watch out for those.

And then some months you don’t get paid at all as people don’t want to lose weight or are unhappy with the way that they are progressing. Also, the economy can change at any point in time.

But still, I like the job because there are lots of chances for us to grow as a human being as well as make a difference in someone’s life. Its interesting learning many new and exciting things in the weightloss industry as it always changes.

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