The Xmas Appeal and why we are doing it

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on every year. The homeless and the less fortunates miss out on Christmas and so the Salvos have some sort of Christmas for them. They miss out due to the fact that they might not have any family and friends at all. We have been involved with the Salvos for a number of years now and every year homelessness is on the rise.

Here volunteering for them can be so much fun. Doing carols can be heaps of fun depending on what is being played. Usually the volunteers would play their violin, cello, trumpet and whatever they have. They would stand there for two hours and play non stop.



If you are around in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other major capitals stop by and put some change in the donation tins whereever you see them.

Whereever you are out celebrating do spare a thought for those in need and celebrate a little less extravagantly. The money that you would spend on fireworks could be better off spending on the homeless.

In 2019 we can all do better to support the homeless doing it tough.


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