Our November events

Here is a wrap up of our November events.


Its about raising awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. Every 60mins, 60 men lose their lives to suicide. This month we moved quite a bit. We also promoted it on Facebook and Instagram and people liked our stuff

Diabetes Awareness month

This month is about being aware of diabetes. We tried to monitor our sugar as they would have done.

Melbourne Cup carnival

Whilst people went to the big races, we ended up watching them in South Yarra and enjoying pizza. We also enjoyed a cocktail and some other freebies. Prior to the big day we enjoyed some wine and shopping at David Jones.


This is an Indian festival all about the light. Here there was meditation and the like. It was a free event that attracted everyone to the idea of meditation. When I think meditation I think of India.

And of course when I got to a festival I always have to try the food that is not normally offered in restaurants here. So I tried a Kuluffi and another indian dessert which is some sort of potato ball with syrup

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