Why diet shakes are bad for you

Diet shakes are supposed to be meal replacement drinks and for some people, it is the end all. For people, it is the quickest way to lose weight. Diet shakes are calorie controlled and all you do is add water or milk to it.

They are about 200-300 calories in each shake.


There are so many on the market out there such as Celebrity slim. Now Celebrity Slim is really artificial and you might be hungry afterward. Most of them are devoid of minerals and nutrients making you more likely to become sick!

In one way you don’t learn to eat real food and how to prepare them. They also can damage your liver and kidneys making it more susceptible to failure.


But protein shakes are good for us athletes though. We need it to build muscle. The ones that I love are Herbalife and Prana as there is nothing artificial about them and you can add ingredients to your shake. And you can add it in yogurt. You’ll still get your minerals and vitamins in.

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