Who is responsible for our health?

We all are. We all play a role in being healthy and staying fit. More than ever, many Australians are obese. And diabetes, stroke, liver failure etc are all on the rise.



We can do so much better. We can get much better sleep, work less hours and exercise more if we choose to. And we can eat much healthier food. We can also be motivated to exercise.

We can avoid the foods which has the highest sugars and fats

We are all sitting too much and not moving much. Inevitably we all rely on fast food and the delivery partners such as Uber Eats and Menulog.

The Government

Yes they should spend billions and they have so far by encouraging Australians to quit smoking. The sugar tax has a long way to come.

The cost of living is skyrocketing but the average Centrelink payment is about $300-$400 per fortnight. Many Australians after rent don’t have much left for food. So they either have to resort to junk food or no food.

In rural Australia there isn’t much choice for food as everything there is either fast food or just the one supermarket. Or two. Councils should introduce more fresh and organic food places in the country.

The Government can ban junk food advertising and improve their health star ratings.

The Government can also fine big businesses for advertising junk foods to young people. The Government could introduce a sugar tax like the other countries.

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