The Baker Heart and Health Institute

The Baker Heart and Health Institute is about finding cures for diabetes and obesity. They are located on Commercial Road, near the Alfred hospital. This blog is all about being healthy and diabetes free. Here they have specialists that can treat you. Some of it is for free and others you need to get aContinue reading “The Baker Heart and Health Institute”


Belle Gibson

Belle Gibson is a fraudulent health blogger. She had her own book and app but then it was pulled from the shelf. She faked cancer and now she is found out by 60 minutes. She supposedly lied about her brain tumor. She supposedly went to the Alfred hospital in 2010 and she had four monthsContinue reading “Belle Gibson”

Intermittent fasting and our thoughts on this

Intermittent fasting is about making a conscientious decision to skip meals in order to lose weight. Some people fast for a little while and others fast for about 16 hours. You can be as flexible as you like. For most people, this simplifies their day as you don’t have to count calories. The diet isContinue reading “Intermittent fasting and our thoughts on this”

Our 2018

2018 went really well.  For Instagram we got a lot more followers- about 650.  And then we got a new phone which means better pictures. And a lot more likes on some of the pictures. Some of the pictures had about 60 likes. Also there wasn’t a lot happening on the Twitter homefront. We hadContinue reading “Our 2018”

24/7 gyms- the debate

24/7 gyms have been around for some time now with Anytime fitness being the first 24/7 gym. The aim of them is to provide people with another way to lose weight that is after hours. They are quite popular with those that are night owls. But really? I am glad that Fitness First in theContinue reading “24/7 gyms- the debate”

Our December events

Here is our wrap up for December Christmas This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. It’s about spending time with family and friends. Here we got lots of gifts and things. Its all about happiness. The Salvation Army’s donation drive We did this one a few times, mainly at train stations. It’s also goodContinue reading “Our December events”

What are PMS symptoms

PMS symptoms are the symptoms that a woman gets two weeks (or thereabouts) before her period starts. Symptoms vary from month to month and are usually gone by the third day of her period. Its annoying we know but it happens There is no cure for PMS but just lifestyle measures. They can vary fromContinue reading “What are PMS symptoms”

Why being a health blogger can be challenging

This is my take on why health blogging can be a bit of a challenge. The field and industry are always changing. You have to pick up new skills all the time and practice on friends and family that just don’t get it. You have to buy the latest books and learn the latest courses.Continue reading “Why being a health blogger can be challenging”

The Xmas Appeal and why we are doing it

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on every year. The homeless and the less fortunates miss out on Christmas and so the Salvos have some sort of Christmas for them. They miss out due to the fact that they might not have any family and friends at all. We have been involved with the Salvos forContinue reading “The Xmas Appeal and why we are doing it”

Seeing the doctor: what to expect

So you need to see the doctor and you don’t know how in Australia? Many people come from overseas and might get sick in Australia. Therefore this guide will tell you what to expect when seeing the doctor. In every country is different. But in Australia, most doctors need to be booked as the clinicContinue reading “Seeing the doctor: what to expect”

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