The Baker Heart and Health Institute

The Baker Heart and Health Institute is about finding cures for diabetes and obesity. They are located on Commercial Road, near the Alfred hospital. This blog is all about being healthy and diabetes free.


Here they have specialists that can treat you. Some of it is for free and others you need to get a referral from your GP. Like many hospitals, they also do research to find a cure and research costs money

Australia has one of the highest obesity rates and we are trying to curb these problems. It costs Australia a lot of money to cure us. We hope that in 2019 the rate of obesity will go down dramatically.

We are doing Ironman and other events next year as a team to raise vital funds for research.

If you can please donate to the Baker Heart and Health Institute here. You can donate however much money you want and the money goes towards the Institute.

Belle Gibson

Belle Gibson is a fraudulent health blogger. She had her own book and app but then it was pulled from the shelf. She faked cancer and now she is found out by 60 minutes. She supposedly lied about her brain tumor. She supposedly went to the Alfred hospital in 2010 and she had four months to live. Her cancer won the followers over and she became famous.


To this day she is alive.

Now everyone hates her. She lies about everything and now no one believes her. Now she hit rock bottom and she wants to apologize. She didn’t even visit her doctor.

She was interviewed by Tara Brown on 60 minutes and Tara was brilliant in grilling her. She needed to be confronted about her alternative path. Still to this day she lies about her advice and the fact she is the real victim of hate.

She also did not give any of her profits from her app to charity when she said that she would.

She was fined $410,000 fine but did not pay. So in the end she faces the prospect of jail.

We always remind you guys to be transparent and we always try to be as truthful as we can. It angers us to see that there are people like this out there. Now others are following in her footsteps and it’s not fair for those that do the right thing.

The companies that Belle worked with should have checked her story out and asked her more questions before they published her story.

In hindsight: always tell the truth.

Intermittent fasting and our thoughts on this

Intermittent fasting is about making a conscientious decision to skip meals in order to lose weight. Some people fast for a little while and others fast for about 16 hours. You can be as flexible as you like.


For most people, this simplifies their day as you don’t have to count calories. The diet is calorie restricted. The less calories you eat, the more weight you lose.

We have heard about this but don’t really like the idea as such. We love to eat a lot as it speeds up metabolism. We still count calories but don’t like to fast. But for some people, it can be a way to avoid weight gain or lose lots of weight.

It helps speed up metabolism and decrease insulin levels.  And increased energy levels. It helps to cut down sugar cravings for some people.

We would never do this as we work out too much but if you don’t like the idea of working out and still want to lose weight then there is an option.

Disclaimer: Before starting any weight loss program such as this you should see your doctor or nutritionist and they can either recommend it or not

Our 2018


2018 went really well.  For Instagram we got a lot more followers- about 650.  And then we got a new phone which means better pictures. And a lot more likes on some of the pictures. Some of the pictures had about 60 likes.

Also there wasn’t a lot happening on the Twitter homefront. We had about 380 followers and then now we have 397 followers

WordPress is the biggest influence with 117 followers to date. At this time last year we had 85 followers. Some of our posts got a lot of likes. Weight loss ones are one of those types. So next year we would love to work with the Baker Institute as they have a lot to offer in terms of diabetes and obesity support.

And yes this year we finished the marathon unlike last year and it was really hard.

Homelessness is on the rise as well as obesity and hopefully, the Government will spend more money on health services for everyone. We would love to start our fundraising for the Salvos as early as we can such as in February in time for winter!

Mental health and autism was another issue that we explored and liked a lot. Days like R U Ok day and World Autism day worked really well. And we will continue to explore that in 2019.

The liver health is just something that we recently started to explore a bit of and hopefully, the work will continue in 2019.


In February, we introduced Happy hour Fridays as a way to destress over wine and to reflect on the week. We recognized it’s important to take some time out for ourselves. Hopefully we will continue this tradition in 2019.

24/7 gyms- the debate

24/7 gyms have been around for some time now with Anytime fitness being the first 24/7 gym. The aim of them is to provide people with another way to lose weight that is after hours.


They are quite popular with those that are night owls. But really?

I am glad that Fitness First in the city is not 24/7. Nor do I want it to be. It costs $25 for the access card and then you’ll have an induction. And then you’ll be left to your own devices.

Security is always an issue because you can call the paramedics and police if someone breaks in but it can be hard for them to get in.

Also for those that are new or disabled it can be hard to learn the right technique without the professionals being around to show you. Someone died whilst working out on their own.

For the disabled with social problems it can be hard for them to pick up when someone is taking advantage of them when they are alone.

By all means do sign up for it but don’t do it if you are inexperienced or disabled as you could get hurt!

Our December events

Here is our wrap up for December



This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. It’s about spending time with family and friends. Here we got lots of gifts and things. Its all about happiness.

The Salvation Army’s donation drive

We did this one a few times, mainly at train stations. It’s also good when people give while they can. Here we gave up our time and accepted small change or big notes from people. We thank you for supporting the homeless at this time of the year.

Random acts of kindness

There is such a thing as that! Here we can be kind to friends or to strangers (meaning homeless people). Christmas is such a lonely time for these people. Here we gave some Christmas cheer to those that would have otherwise gone without.

What are PMS symptoms

PMS symptoms are the symptoms that a woman gets two weeks (or thereabouts) before her period starts. Symptoms vary from month to month and are usually gone by the third day of her period.


Its annoying we know but it happens

There is no cure for PMS but just lifestyle measures.

They can vary from abdominal pain to no feeling in the legs. There can some emotional symptoms such as anxiety and clumsiness.

You can also be feeling a bit bloated. Hence this could also be why you put on weight. Usually the bloating goes on its own.

Some women get more hungry during this time as more energy is needed to make the walls.

Some people get emotional around this time and may have some sensitivities to things such as loud noises. They yell and stress can play a big part for PMS. Some people don’t sleep well during this time. I know I don’t sometimes.

Some people can get a bit grumpy around this time.

Why being a health blogger can be challenging

This is my take on why health blogging can be a bit of a challenge.


The field and industry are always changing. You have to pick up new skills all the time and practice on friends and family that just don’t get it.

You have to buy the latest books and learn the latest courses. Money can be a bit of an issue when you have the other bills to pay. You also have to learn about the latest fads such as keto. And you have to follow the Fitness Australia rules and nutrition policies. If I made up my own diet and recommended to everyone it might not be correct and someone can die.

According to Fitness Australia we’re not allowed to promote supplements for people, but some people find that they can be quite beneficial so long as they don’t diet. Some of the supplements that are out there on the market can be scams and we need to watch out for those.

And then some months you don’t get paid at all as people don’t want to lose weight or are unhappy with the way that they are progressing. Also, the economy can change at any point in time.

But still, I like the job because there are lots of chances for us to grow as a human being as well as make a difference in someone’s life. Its interesting learning many new and exciting things in the weightloss industry as it always changes.

The Xmas Appeal and why we are doing it

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on every year. The homeless and the less fortunates miss out on Christmas and so the Salvos have some sort of Christmas for them. They miss out due to the fact that they might not have any family and friends at all. We have been involved with the Salvos for a number of years now and every year homelessness is on the rise.

Here volunteering for them can be so much fun. Doing carols can be heaps of fun depending on what is being played. Usually the volunteers would play their violin, cello, trumpet and whatever they have. They would stand there for two hours and play non stop.



If you are around in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other major capitals stop by and put some change in the donation tins whereever you see them.

Whereever you are out celebrating do spare a thought for those in need and celebrate a little less extravagantly. The money that you would spend on fireworks could be better off spending on the homeless.

In 2019 we can all do better to support the homeless doing it tough.


Seeing the doctor: what to expect


So you need to see the doctor and you don’t know how in Australia? Many people come from overseas and might get sick in Australia. Therefore this guide will tell you what to expect when seeing the doctor.

In every country is different.

But in Australia, most doctors need to be booked as the clinic can be really busy at times. You will need to wait your turn in the surgery. You can book it online or over the phone. If you have not been to that surgery before you will need to fill out a form prior to seeing the doctor.

But if it is an emergency you can walk straight into a clinic or hospital.

Most appointments go for about 20-50 minutes depending on what needs to be done. You should have some questions ready for the doctor.

Who pays?

If you have cover and I assume everyone does then the doctor might bill the provider directly. But if they don’t then you’ll have to pay and can claim the money back later. You can claim your money online and the money will be paid into your bank account. Some health care insurance companies can only pay a certain amount so do check their website for further details on what they cover.