Weight training or cardio for fat loss

The big debate that is on everyone’s minds. Which is the best way to lose weight? Is it cardio or weight training?

This time people want to lose the excess kilos that they gained overwinter in the fastest way possible. But is that the safest way possible?


What is fat loss?

Fat loss is where we lose the body fat. Most people lose this around their midsection.

How much fat do we need per day?

As women we need about 16%-20% of the total body weight as fat. This will help keep us warm as well as for hormonal balance.

Fat loss is not the same as weight loss as you could have the same weight but in muscle mass or water weight.

So cardio vs weights? Which is better?

If you want to lose weight the fast way then cardio is best. With cardio, you can burn around 300-800 calories depending on what you do. But you might lose muscle and not the fat if you don’t fuel properly or include some weight training.

But if you are looking for long-term results then weight training will help you get there. Weight training will help you to lose the fat and not the muscle. And you’ll become a stronger, fitter person. Women should not be scared to do some weight training as it helps build muscle.

Over time muscle helps to burn the calories and drop the fat.

And yes we still need good nutrition to help burn the fat. Without this then all of the hard work will be for nothing


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