Mental Health and why we participated in Mental health month

Mental Health month was in October and there were a few celebrations going on. Mental health is such a huge problem these daysimg_20181017_163101

Mental Health has everything to do with your wellbeing. If you are always depressed then you might be isolated, lonely, fat etc. Each year many International students have mental health problems due to loniliness and homesickness.

Hence this is why we are participating in this month. Mental health affects us all in many ways. And in some ways International students are homeless due to rent increases and living costs. Many International students have a part time job but some don’t pay the correct wages.

Some of them could not sleep at night.

Hence this why they are unhappy. And it leads to bad academic performance. Each semester the Student Union sees many students who have failed their courses and didn’t seek help early.

Mental health is important to us as without it we would be all unhappy and not achieving the goals that we want.

So do go out there and talk to that somebody today. They might be feeling down.




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