Fitness first in Church st Richmond

Its really busy on Saturday and we wanted to see why! So as part of our platinum membership (it allows us to visit any club we want within that network) we went there a few times!


First of all that club is on Church st where the furniture shops are. At first it was really hard for me to find but eventually I found it. You have to go through the car park or the furniture shop to get there.


Its 24/7 which is great for some, but not necessary for others.

The staff is friendly, like most Fitness first gyms.

I do enjoy the cafe and many members find it beneficial. I love that it has healthy food in there for members to purchase and when they close for the week whatever not sold is given out or given at a 50% discount. I did enjoy the eggs, museli and the many smoothies on offer.

In there they have activities for members and their usual charity bike ride which is on the last Sunday of the month.

I love that they have a huge variety of different machines and you can learn a lot in here. Most of the members and trainers there are marathoners who know what they are doing.

Do come by this gym on Church St in Richmond next to Nick Scali Furniture.

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