Alcohol and why having too much alcohol is bad over Christmas

Lets face it. Its the holiday season and you want to catch up with everyone. Most likely it will be over drinks.


But will too much alcohol and not enough alcohol free days take its toll on you? The most likely answer is yes. I have seen a number of fights going on in St Kilda during these past few weeks. And its usually outside a bar or on the beach.

The City of Port Phillip has had enough of this problem so they decide to put up some no alcohol on the foreshore


And yes alcohol is liquid calories meaning that you would have consumed more calories than ever.

Over time drinking too much alcohol can lead to skin and liver problems. The liver is the most important part of the body. Without a properly functioning liver you might become unwell and it may lead to chronic diseases.

So what do we suggest?

  • Have a few alcohol free days per week
  • Know what day you will drink and plan around that
  • Drink lots of water in the lead up to it
  • Have some food with alcohol
  • Know your limits and stick to it
  • If you have a problem with someone don’t use alcohol to numb the problem. Instead, talk to the person before the event or don’t invite them at all.
  • You don’t have to say yes to every Christmas function- respect yourself and have some rest days.

Weight training or cardio for fat loss

The big debate that is on everyone’s minds. Which is the best way to lose weight? Is it cardio or weight training?

This time people want to lose the excess kilos that they gained overwinter in the fastest way possible. But is that the safest way possible?


What is fat loss?

Fat loss is where we lose the body fat. Most people lose this around their midsection.

How much fat do we need per day?

As women we need about 16%-20% of the total body weight as fat. This will help keep us warm as well as for hormonal balance.

Fat loss is not the same as weight loss as you could have the same weight but in muscle mass or water weight.

So cardio vs weights? Which is better?

If you want to lose weight the fast way then cardio is best. With cardio, you can burn around 300-800 calories depending on what you do. But you might lose muscle and not the fat if you don’t fuel properly or include some weight training.

But if you are looking for long-term results then weight training will help you get there. Weight training will help you to lose the fat and not the muscle. And you’ll become a stronger, fitter person. Women should not be scared to do some weight training as it helps build muscle.

Over time muscle helps to burn the calories and drop the fat.

And yes we still need good nutrition to help burn the fat. Without this then all of the hard work will be for nothing


Five ways to boost the immune system

Hey guys, you need a good immune system to stay well over Winter and Spring. Here are some of our top ways to do so.

Vitamin C

This is found in everyday fruits and some vegetables. You should aim to have two serves of fruit per day and five serves of vegetables. Try and add vegetables to every meal and try and enjoy a few vegetarian meals a week.

As adults, we should be getting 31g of fiber each day. Fiber helps us to feel fuller for longer.

Vitamin D

This is about making sure that you spend a bit of time in the sun. Work in an office? If so make sure that you spend your lunch break out in the sun! Many people eat lunch at their desk instead of out in the sun.

In Melbourne, we have many sunny spots for you to enjoy your lunch outside. I love getting out and walking or running each day.


Probiotics are your yogurt and kombucha. They are gut loving foods. You can find kombucha in the supermarket.


We need quite a bit of iron each day.  Women runners need more iron than everyone else due to sweat and menstruation. If you have really low levels of iron or do extreme sports, you may need to take a supplement.

Omega 3

These are your fish oils and seafood. You should aim to have three to five seafood meals a week.


Mind, body and spirit festival

We got free entry tickets online but people had to pay $20 at the door.

The Mind, Body and Spirit festival was great. It was inside the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre and here it was very busy. There was a disability festival going on next door hence there were a lot of wheelchair people at around 1pm when I went.

The Mind,  body and spirit festival focuses on meditation and lifestyle therapies. We all lead very busy lifestyles full of anxiety and depression. And no having anxiety is quite alright. These days it is quite common. We have a few ways of dealing with this such as cuddling yourself and just deep breaths for 30 secs each.

Hence this is where meditation comes into play. Here people need to spend about 10-15 mins a day meditating and there are all sorts of different meditation to do. There were different stalls with crystals, aromatherapy and the like.

Chronic illness was mentioned and these days many people have some sort of illness, whether it would be from fast food, long hours etc. There were many healthy foods and drinks on offer. The featured product was turmeric and some of the stalls sold turmeric latte which is quite nice and it heals the gut.

The key focus of this event was just to relax and eat healthily. People learned many different relaxation techniques. Many thanks to the organizers for this wonderful event.

Unpack the Salt challenge

This challenge is done by Vic Health and we participated in it. Each day we had to pick something that has no salt or low salt for lunch.

Many Australians consume too much salt and that leads to high blood pressure among other things. We go way above our daily allowance by consuming things which has waay too much salt in there

Most of the Asian sauces these days have too much salt in it (according to so we opted to have food without. Sushi is a low salt option. Of course, frozen pizza is high in salt and so are some of the cheeses.

Some of the sauces such as aioli have loads of salt and garlic. Wherever we can we tried to use herbs to replace the salt.

We mainly used lots of fresh vegetables and ate sushi and other low salt options for lunch.

Can you try and replace the salt? Hell yes!

You can:

  • Keep the salt shaker off the table
  • Flavor your food with herbs instead of salt. Herbs taste much nicer. You could add paprika to pizza
  • Don’t have the sauce with your takeout lunches. I know that its free but they do have a lot of salt in there.
  • If you have to have a takeout lunch opt for things like sushi or rice paper rolls. Or banh mi without the sauce. Or a salad with no dressing (dressings have salt in there).

What to get people for Christmas

Guys it is that time of the year again and here we are thinking about what to get that person for Christmas


Charity gifts

They are fun and the money goes to charity to help them out with their goals for next year! Every store has a different charity and they might have some different gifts. MYER often sells the Salvation Army Christmas carols CD.

Four Pillars Gin

This is in this year and its at MYER now. They are priced at $65-$100 per bottle and they would make that someone happy.

Health books on Amazon

Amazon have some amazing health books that are cheap. And they were easy to buy. But the delivery fee can be a real hassle. Or you can get them an Amazon gift card and they can pick out their own book!

Next years race entry.

Now races can be expensive but maybe you could ask them which race they would like to join. Melbourne Marathon is a pretty good one and its about $80-$160 depending on the distance that they want to run.

Carmens is another one where they raise money for Breast Cancer and they do this every year in December. Its $80- $110 depending on which race they want to run.


How to get rid of constipation

Some people have the problem of constipation. They could be not drinking enough, eating enough fiber or not exercising enough. Constipation is when you don’t go to the toilet enough during the day.

For a healthy woman that should be about eight times a day. This would be when you get up in the morning and about every two hours during the day.

You should eat more fiber and this can be found in vegetables and fruits. Many people don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in a day. Some people don’t like the taste of vegetables. As for me, I enjoy my fruit and veg and sometimes add a supplement to things to make sure that I’m eating enough.

We could do with more water in our daily diet. Many people don’t drink enough and found that they are constipated (their waste is hard to pass).

Exercise is another one. People exercise a bit but not as much as they should.

You could always try eating a probiotic such as yogurt, kombucha or some kefir leaves! These are gut loving foods and they will help get rid of any bad bacteria. These days you can find kombucha in the supermarket or you can make your own.

If things really get that bad, you should go and see a doctor. But don’t let it get to that stage!

Diabetes Awareness month

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month as many people live with diabetes and struggle with it financially and mentally. Some people cannot afford the medicines and the injections that they have to give.


According to Diabetes Australia, “280 Australians will develop diabetes each day”. That’s quite a lot of people when it comes to 365 days a year. According to Diabetes Australia the treatment for this issue is $14.6 billion a year.

Hospital treatment is very expensive. Some people are on low incomes or live in an area where not much healthy food is offered.

People have to manage their blood pressure just to survive. Managing that at first is hard as you have to remember those injections daily.

I don’t have diabetes but acted as though I did. Having diabetes is tough as you have to cut out all the sugar and the junk. Most restaurants and junk food places cater for the normal person as a lot of their desserts and sauces have sugar in them

Finding that place without all the sugar was hard. Even finding a Groupon that didn’t have the soft drink included in a meal was difficult. Most of the Groupons for dinner include wine but no water, tea or coffee. I can drink herbal tea just fine.

People should also do some exercise to avoid getting diabetes. Do something that you like, whether that would be gym or at home.

People should also quit smoking and be at a healthy weight range.


My first time running


Yes we have all been there and did that!

The year is coming to an end but what about next year? You could start the goal now and it goes until next year. Your first race could be a major marathon.

Its scary I know but you’ll be proud once you done it. You’ll know that you have accomplished it.

My first few runs were very slow. I didn’t worry about what others think. I just went ahead and did it. And yes those pit stops to the bathroom were annoying. My first few runs were at night around the Botanical gardens.

A few months down the track I got into the swing of things and felt much better that way. Yes my periods were up and down but it took a while to get used to the feeling.

Eventually I found my rhythm and now I enjoy looking and running to all the beautiful places that Melbourne has to offer.

Verdict: You don’t know what you are missing out on unless you try!


Emotional eating

What is emotional eating?


Emotional eating is where you have this sudden urge to eat even though you are not hungry. It can be because you are sad, dehydrated, angry, stressed out etc. This is where some people eat their feelings to get the pain to go away. They eat whatever they feel like.

Health professionals say that this problem is a mental one and that there is something much deeper going on down there.

This sort of eating is dangerous for all. In 2014 I used to do quite a fair bit of that. I was stressed and anxious about things and didn’t know whether I was getting enough food in or not. Uni students have a lot of deadlines to meet and we get stressed out all the time.

At that time I had cravings for sweets, cheese, and other fatty foods and went to all these potluck parties where you eat until you are really full.

This is one of the reasons why we get fat!

Some ways to deal with emotional eating

  • Exercise- it releases endorphins. Do what you love
  • Talk to someone if you are feeling stressed or anxious.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Engage in mindful eating which is slower and just savor the food.
  • Hydrate- drink enough water everyday helps to flush out the toxins.
  • Track what you eat. You can use myfitnesspal or some other app. There are plenty of free apps out there.