Alcohol and why having too much alcohol is bad over Christmas

Lets face it. Its the holiday season and you want to catch up with everyone. Most likely it will be over drinks. But will too much alcohol and not enough alcohol free days take its toll on you? The most likely answer is yes. I have seen a number of fights going on in StContinue reading “Alcohol and why having too much alcohol is bad over Christmas”


Weight training or cardio for fat loss

The big debate that is on everyone’s minds. Which is the best way to lose weight? Is it cardio or weight training? This time people want to lose the excess kilos that they gained overwinter in the fastest way possible. But is that the safest way possible? What is fat loss? Fat loss is whereContinue reading “Weight training or cardio for fat loss”

Five ways to boost the immune system

Hey guys, you need a good immune system to stay well over Winter and Spring. Here are some of our top ways to do so. Vitamin C This is found in everyday fruits and some vegetables. You should aim to have two serves of fruit per day and five serves of vegetables. Try and addContinue reading “Five ways to boost the immune system”

Mind, body and spirit festival

We got free entry tickets online but people had to pay $20 at the door. The Mind, Body and Spirit festival was great. It was inside the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre and here it was very busy. There was a disability festival going on next door hence there were a lot of wheelchair peopleContinue reading “Mind, body and spirit festival”

Unpack the Salt challenge

This challenge is done by Vic Health and we participated in it. Each day we had to pick something that has no salt or low salt for lunch. Many Australians consume too much salt and that leads to high blood pressure among other things. We go way above our daily allowance by consuming things whichContinue reading “Unpack the Salt challenge”

What to get people for Christmas

Guys it is that time of the year again and here we are thinking about what to get that person for Christmas Charity gifts They are fun and the money goes to charity to help them out with their goals for next year! Every store has a different charity and they might have some differentContinue reading “What to get people for Christmas”

How to get rid of constipation

Some people have the problem of constipation. They could be not drinking enough, eating enough fiber or not exercising enough. Constipation is when you don’t go to the toilet enough during the day. For a healthy woman that should be about eight times a day. This would be when you get up in the morningContinue reading “How to get rid of constipation”

Diabetes Awareness month

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month as many people live with diabetes and struggle with it financially and mentally. Some people cannot afford the medicines and the injections that they have to give. According to Diabetes Australia, “280 Australians will develop diabetes each day”. That’s quite a lot of people when it comes to 365Continue reading “Diabetes Awareness month”

My first time running

Yes we have all been there and did that! The year is coming to an end but what about next year? You could start the goal now and it goes until next year. Your first race could be a major marathon. Its scary I know but you’ll be proud once you done it. You’ll knowContinue reading “My first time running”

Emotional eating

What is emotional eating? Emotional eating is where you have this sudden urge to eat even though you are not hungry. It can be because you are sad, dehydrated, angry, stressed out etc. This is where some people eat their feelings to get the pain to go away. They eat whatever they feel like. HealthContinue reading “Emotional eating”

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