Our Autism awareness month

And why the community needs to embrace it. This post is pictureless for the purpose of feelings.

This October is Autism Awareness month. People with autism get ridiculed and discriminated in society. As we see on “What would you do show” on Youtube, these people get bullied and harassed for no reason.

These days many people have it.

Autism is a mental disorder in which people process information and change a lot slower than others. So their response times are slow.

Autism in people varies. Some people have high functioning autism meaning that they can do a lot of stuff much faster and can be almost like everyone else. And there are some that do not like change and will do the same thing day in day out.

Take my friend for instance. He won’t try any other beer other than Carlton Draught. He always will have Coke and will not do much exercise except for running

There are also some that have tantrums when things don’t go their way.

Do embrace people with Autism and try to help out as much as you can.


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