How to stay healthy this Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time and celebrating with loved ones. Now that usually means having too much food and drink especially if you have more than one party to go to.

Come January the gyms and the doctor’s clinics will be quite busy with people wanting to lose weight.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

At most Christmas celebrations there’s always a prosecco, champagne or wine on offer. You could offer to be the designated driver and not have any. I know that it is nice to drink lots and lots but consider some drinks without all the alcohol. Such as a mocktail or water. Or T2’s iced tea. T2’s iced tea is 0 calories and it hydrates you. It also relaxes you.

T2 have a lot of amazing flavored teas so you can pick a flavor that you and your guests like.

Know your alcohol limit. In Australia, men can have no more than 4 standard drinks per day and women can only have 2 per day or less.

Portion sizes

People can really go overboard on the food servings. Don’t have too much or too little food. One turkey dinner alone can add up to about 1500 calories. Add in the extra treats and things and you could be eating by over a thousand calories more per day.

Therefore planning is key. Know what you are going to eat and how much of that thing.
A vegan Christmas

This doesn’t involve meat but involves vegetables. The more vegetables the better!
Exercise on the beach

In Australia Christmas is during the summer, so what a better time to spend it entirely outdoors on the beach or in the park. You could do a BBQ or a picnic where everyone plays cricket or goes for a swim afterward.

If you have your Christmas do on the beach or in the park, there’s no cleaning up beforehand and everyone can contribute a dish!


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