Rapha meets Moots

Moots is all American bike brand which has been around since 1981. They originated from Colorado and all the employees there ride bikes. So the owner understood what the people wanted from a bike.

And the people wanted a cool bike that can do a lot. They wanted the finest bikes around. Hence these titanium bikes. Their bikes are silver and a bit on the noisy side.

The bikes are huge but lightweight. They weigh about 28kg.

I was invited to their launch at the Rapha club in Melbourne which also sells bike accessories and books and was well suited for them. The bike accessories and books were cool. And there was a cool one about eating right for the bike.

The food and the beer at the launch party was really cool. I enjoyed all the food even though there was a bit of a wait for it. The bridge road beer was cool and worked well with the food and the bikes on display.

Many thanks for the invite Rapha club. And do check out the Moot bikes at the Rapha club soon.

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