Running and periods


Running with a period is hard as you lose a lot of iron. It affects all women in some ways. I try and have an iron supplement to help with the loss of iron.

Women who run and have periods need a lot more iron than those that don’t. We lose iron through sweat, foot pounding, period and through other things.

And sometimes though I tend to cough and vomit a lot. I think its due to not having a lot of good fats in the diet. When I have a period I don’t eat as much as I should.

In the first few days of it I always feel weak and sometimes I’ll go really slow. That is ok as the body has lost a lot of blood.

If you don’t have enough fat or eat enough calories you can lose your period or have a really late one and that can not be so fun. It means that you have to worry about when your period is coming. I sometimes have to worry about this problem. In the end, mine always comes.

Sometimes ovulation can be painful. It’s no big deal just add a bit more fat to your diet and you’ll be fine.

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