Our stats for the month of September

Here are our Statistics for September. For our blog things are always changing and we are always growing.


For WordPress

At the start of this month we had 95 followers and then now we have 107 followers. A couple of things happened that month. It was the month of Spring in Aus and so, of course, everyone wanted to lose some weight.

Hence there were lots of likes on posts. People wanted a solution to their weight loss problems.

September was a very busy month for us as we took some leave for four days.


We now have 60 new followers. The video about the Fed Square fitness challenge got 22 views. The fruit one at David Jones got 21 likes. The snack one with the yogurt and sandwich got 24 likes.

People love fresh food and not fast food. Occasionally our wine ones saw some likes but that was it.

We went away for four days and not much happened in the Instagramsphere.

Google Analytics

This saw not much happening and the stats dropping.


We got lots of retweets. One day saw us have 26 notifications. And now we have 404 followers which is great.

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