Our Autism awareness month

And why the community needs to embrace it. This post is pictureless for the purpose of feelings. This October is Autism Awareness month. People with autism get ridiculed and discriminated in society. As we see on “What would you do show” on Youtube, these people get bullied and harassed for no reason. These days manyContinue reading “Our Autism awareness month”


The Fitness show in Melbourne

The Fitness show is back this year and it was $30 to get in. Luckily Healthyintstudents was invited by Weekend notes and so they did not have to pay. With that $30 the first 1000 people through the door got a showbag full of awesome goodies. We got there later and there was a showbagContinue reading “The Fitness show in Melbourne”

World Mental Health day

Today is World Mental health day. This day is about relaxing and taking the time to listen to someone. To get a better understanding of the day itself I went along to Kaya’s mental health day event at Emporium which included four panelists. Each which has been there and done that. They were all depressedContinue reading “World Mental Health day”

How to stay healthy this Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time and celebrating with loved ones. Now that usually means having too much food and drink especially if you have more than one party to go to. Come January the gyms and the doctor’s clinics will be quite busy with people wanting to lose weight. Don’t drink too much alcoholContinue reading “How to stay healthy this Christmas”

Rapha meets Moots

Moots is all American bike brand which has been around since 1981. They originated from Colorado and all the employees there ride bikes. So the owner understood what the people wanted from a bike. And the people wanted a cool bike that can do a lot. They wanted the finest bikes around. Hence these titaniumContinue reading “Rapha meets Moots”

A day in the life of a health coach and runner

A health coach usually looks after someone and coaches them about their weight. We talk about our roles as health coaches and runners. A typical day for us We wake up around 7am-9am depending on what needs to be done. Three days a week I’m at uni doing work and promotional things for International students.Continue reading “A day in the life of a health coach and runner”

Running for Melbourne Marathon: A race recap

You may remember that last time we did not do so well. Some of the things we learnt from last time. To study the course map widely. This time because we practiced a lot on the course it was much easier to know where we are going. Nutrition wise Less is more. And you don’tContinue reading “Running for Melbourne Marathon: A race recap”

Fitness scams

If something is too good to be true then it usually is! Unfortunately fitness scams keep popping up everywhere in the world. Most of them are from unqualified people whether it would be from a personal trainer to a nutritionist. Here’s one thing: you want to lose the weight by XXX amount of weeks forContinue reading “Fitness scams”

How to achieve your weight loss goals the easy way

Guys want to lose weight for summer but do it the legitimate way? The legitimate way is by not having shakes and diet pills but by doing the hard yards. Here are some ways to do so 1) Planning Plan your gym sessions wisely. If you are a morning person then getting up early toContinue reading “How to achieve your weight loss goals the easy way”

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