Our Autism awareness month

And why the community needs to embrace it. This post is pictureless for the purpose of feelings.

This October is Autism Awareness month. People with autism get ridiculed and discriminated in society. As we see on “What would you do show” on Youtube, these people get bullied and harassed for no reason.

These days many people have it.

Autism is a mental disorder in which people process information and change a lot slower than others. So their response times are slow.

Autism in people varies. Some people have high functioning autism meaning that they can do a lot of stuff much faster and can be almost like everyone else. And there are some that do not like change and will do the same thing day in day out.

Take my friend for instance. He won’t try any other beer other than Carlton Draught. He always will have Coke and will not do much exercise except for running

There are also some that have tantrums when things don’t go their way.

Do embrace people with Autism and try to help out as much as you can.

The Fitness show in Melbourne

The Fitness show is back this year and it was $30 to get in. Luckily Healthyintstudents was invited by Weekend notes and so they did not have to pay.

With that $30 the first 1000 people through the door got a showbag full of awesome goodies. We got there later and there was a showbag reserved for us which was great. And that’s not all that you get. You get two full-sized yogurt samples from Chobani and Yopro. And you get the myriad of samples to take home.

Gone is the black rice and slendier noodles. But in are the workouts and body competitions. The Rob Forte’s 2:30 competition was intense and it was another $40. And they were really popular with everyone. Also in this year at the Fitness show are the Special K stall with their new protein bowl which I cannot wait to try.

Oh and in was the Cocowhip stall but the ice cream there was a little bit on the pricey side.

The Prana ON gym was really cool.

The seminars on wellness were the main reason that I wanted to come. Here they talked about the three macronutrients: carbs, fats and protein and we have been learning about this in class. As runners doing marathons we need lots of carbs. As a female though we need about 1500-2000 calories and guys can have about 2500 calories. I enjoyed Luke Hines’s keto coffee and watching him do an amazing omelet.

They also said that you can’t outrun a bad diet and the main reason that people come to these expos is to look for ideas on how to lose weight sustainably.

Lunch today was at 5:4 which is a meal service but they offered $10 plates. After trying to resist the temptation I went and bought myself one. Mine was a Korean beef with noodles which was quite nice except for the beef that was a bit chewy towards the end. I don’t mind being their affiliate though.

World Mental Health day

Today is World Mental health day. This day is about relaxing and taking the time to listen to someone.


To get a better understanding of the day itself I went along to Kaya’s mental health day event at Emporium which included four panelists. Each which has been there and done that. They were all depressed at one time and needed to seek help from someone. One of them was a raging alcoholic, whilst the other just liked to sleep.

Its easy to let life get in the way. Often we are busy and then we get overwhelmed by all these things that we have to do, such as run 42km. For a first timer running 42km can be very overwhelming and stressful as you wouldn’t know what to do and which road to go.

We often see patients that need our help because they are stressed. And I say to them go and take some time out and come back when you are ready. You could try meditation and yoga.

Its never too late to seek help from someone. If you are supporting that person and don’t know where to go, its best to be just that listening ear.

How to stay healthy this Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time and celebrating with loved ones. Now that usually means having too much food and drink especially if you have more than one party to go to.

Come January the gyms and the doctor’s clinics will be quite busy with people wanting to lose weight.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

At most Christmas celebrations there’s always a prosecco, champagne or wine on offer. You could offer to be the designated driver and not have any. I know that it is nice to drink lots and lots but consider some drinks without all the alcohol. Such as a mocktail or water. Or T2’s iced tea. T2’s iced tea is 0 calories and it hydrates you. It also relaxes you.

T2 have a lot of amazing flavored teas so you can pick a flavor that you and your guests like.

Know your alcohol limit. In Australia, men can have no more than 4 standard drinks per day and women can only have 2 per day or less.

Portion sizes

People can really go overboard on the food servings. Don’t have too much or too little food. One turkey dinner alone can add up to about 1500 calories. Add in the extra treats and things and you could be eating by over a thousand calories more per day.

Therefore planning is key. Know what you are going to eat and how much of that thing.
A vegan Christmas

This doesn’t involve meat but involves vegetables. The more vegetables the better!
Exercise on the beach

In Australia Christmas is during the summer, so what a better time to spend it entirely outdoors on the beach or in the park. You could do a BBQ or a picnic where everyone plays cricket or goes for a swim afterward.

If you have your Christmas do on the beach or in the park, there’s no cleaning up beforehand and everyone can contribute a dish!

Rapha meets Moots

Moots is all American bike brand which has been around since 1981. They originated from Colorado and all the employees there ride bikes. So the owner understood what the people wanted from a bike.

And the people wanted a cool bike that can do a lot. They wanted the finest bikes around. Hence these titanium bikes. Their bikes are silver and a bit on the noisy side.

The bikes are huge but lightweight. They weigh about 28kg.

I was invited to their launch at the Rapha club in Melbourne which also sells bike accessories and books and was well suited for them. The bike accessories and books were cool. And there was a cool one about eating right for the bike.

The food and the beer at the launch party was really cool. I enjoyed all the food even though there was a bit of a wait for it. The bridge road beer was cool and worked well with the food and the bikes on display.

Many thanks for the invite Rapha club. And do check out the Moot bikes at the Rapha club soon.

A day in the life of a health coach and runner

A health coach usually looks after someone and coaches them about their weight. We talk about our roles as health coaches and runners.


A typical day for us

We wake up around 7am-9am depending on what needs to be done. Three days a week I’m at uni doing work and promotional things for International students. We don’t have a fridge at uni and if we did then we’d bring lunch from home.

Finding lunch outside can be a challenge. It has to be both healthy and cost-effective. The MYKI system here in Melbourne is darn expensive.

Then after lunch, if there is time, we’d go for runs or training sessions in the gym. I love going to cycling class as its always so much fun and its great to meet new people.

We work until late at night producing content and other things.


Best and worst bits of our job

The free food and the cheap stuff is the best bit. The worst bit is the followers online. Some weeks we lose a lot of them and we feel like we haven’t reached out to them. The sleep sometimes is the worst during the busiest times.

Its hard to stay consistent but we try.

In summer and spring, we love to run outdoors. In winter not so much as its really cold.

Some weeks we spend too much money and in other weeks there are lots of free stuff to be had.

Happy hour

We love enjoying a happy hour on a Friday afternoon because that is where we unwind. We love trying new places and if ever you want to be promoted just email us at: newintstudents@gmail.com


We love to watch all sorts of things on Youtube as its always free and there’s much to see. I love watching What would you do and Chicago med. What would you do is very interesting show as its all about helping people that are less fortunate or are mentally challenged.

Next event

This would have to at Sri Chinmoy on the 25th of November at The tan in Melbourne.


Running for Melbourne Marathon: A race recap

You may remember that last time we did not do so well.


Some of the things we learnt from last time.

To study the course map widely.

This time because we practiced a lot on the course it was much easier to know where we are going.

Nutrition wise

Less is more. And you don’t need that much sugar to participate in the marathon. In fact we can do without.

In the second we learned to be more confident and that it is ok to make mistakes. Most of the first timers and first years are always nervous about this race but once you get the hang of the race its alright.

And this time though I finished within six hours even though I had to duck into a cafe to eat and drink or otherwise I would have died in this heat.

That day it was 27C and most runners struggled in the heat. I have to learn to cope better in the heat. Two weeks before the marathon it was really cold. The amazing volunteers made everything possible and we always stopped for water.

We ran past the MCG, City, St Kilda Road, St Kilda, Albert park, Botanic gardens and back to the city.

This time I started in the right corral and went my usual pace. Today too many people collapsed and I tried to help some of them out. I think its better to help people out rather than just finishing the race. Woolworths at St Kilda also helped us out by giving out free water during the race for all.

Fitness scams

If something is too good to be true then it usually is! Unfortunately fitness scams keep popping up everywhere in the world. Most of them are from unqualified people whether it would be from a personal trainer to a nutritionist.

Here’s one thing: you want to lose the weight by XXX amount of weeks for a wedding or a special event! Its all fine and dandy but within that period of time you might not lose much.

We all know that weight loss is hard work and very time consuming.

MLM scams (excluding Herbalife)

Unfortunately they are legal.

But many of them are get rich quick schemes and lose the weight quick schemes.

But Herbalife is a great company with their sports range and I find that they are quite useful along with real food. Whilst I am happy to be their customer I don’t like the recruiting and selling process. This is time consuming and I have lost a few friends along the way.

Very skinny models on Instagram

Unfortunately there are many and that’s how people develop an eating disorder. They have those six pack abs and muscles and people get so jealous of it. They also promote some bad advice.

As for chiukatherine on Instagram there are no skinny models on her profile but there are lots and lots of food and parks and moods. And no she doesn’t like the whole hype thats out there

Some trainers

Make sure that you have a chance to see what they are like on the gym floor before signing up to that package.

The “Its not your fault that you are fat”

It completely is. You are in control of your own body. You know what works and what doesn’t. A lot of the very pushy people will use this tactic to sell you something that you don’t need.

Running and periods


Running with a period is hard as you lose a lot of iron. It affects all women in some ways. I try and have an iron supplement to help with the loss of iron.

Women who run and have periods need a lot more iron than those that don’t. We lose iron through sweat, foot pounding, period and through other things.

And sometimes though I tend to cough and vomit a lot. I think its due to not having a lot of good fats in the diet. When I have a period I don’t eat as much as I should.

In the first few days of it I always feel weak and sometimes I’ll go really slow. That is ok as the body has lost a lot of blood.

If you don’t have enough fat or eat enough calories you can lose your period or have a really late one and that can not be so fun. It means that you have to worry about when your period is coming. I sometimes have to worry about this problem. In the end, mine always comes.

Sometimes ovulation can be painful. It’s no big deal just add a bit more fat to your diet and you’ll be fine.

How to achieve your weight loss goals the easy way

Guys want to lose weight for summer but do it the legitimate way? The legitimate way is by not having shakes and diet pills but by doing the hard yards. Here are some ways to do so


1) Planning
Plan your gym sessions wisely. If you are a morning person then getting up early to go to the gym is good. But if you are not a morning person then afternoon and evenings are good. Just make sure that you block those times out and learn to say no to going to those other functions.

Also knowing what you’re going to do in the gym and what you want to accomplish each workout always helps. Then you are not wasting time standing around.

For first timers a class or two is best! Then you can learn the techniques!

2)Eating right
Are you eating enough? Surprisingly when clients tell us that they want to lose weight we tell them to eat more. You need 2 grams of protein for every kg that you weigh. You also need to eat every two to three hours.

You don’t need all the bad fats, just the good fats, carbs, fiber and protein will do the trick.

Are you drinking enough water? If you are not you may be dehydrated and you can gain weight. Don’t confuse hunger with thirst. If you don’t like water try our aloe or rehydrate. You should be drinking 1L per every 25kg and 1L per hour of exercise that you do.

3) Set yourself up for success not failure
Vision yourself being skinny and healthy. Where will you be in 5 months time. Remember that it is about losing the body fat and not necessarily the weight.