Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you

Over the spring and summer season, people want to lose weight for various reasons. Over winter people have put on weight. One way of doing that is trying to cut down on sugar. A way to cut down on the sugar is to have your coffees without sugar. Or it can be not eating a lot of sweet biscuits, chocolates and cake.


On average we eat about 40-60 grams of sugar a day. Now this can come from your normal soft drinks like coke or it can be an added sugar. Eg: what is supposed to be a healthy drink might have about 30g of sugar.

A little bit of sugar in food is ok so long as its in moderation. Sugar gives us energy. And homemade food is best.

Most of the sugar in today’s junk food is just empty calories and then afterward we crash and burn.


There is no added sugar in shakes. It’s only just protein powder, water, and some fruits. Some protein helps aid your weight loss journey as they keep you full for a while.

Too much sugar is bad for you because it gives you a really big high and it is linked to weight problems as talked about in the sugar movie. Its the same too for teeth. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes. For a woman, too much sugar can lead to PMS, cramps and bloating.

As a person, you are supposed to have 20-40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Really active people can afford to have more sugar. But it is advised for them to watch their sugar intake.


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