R U ok Day

RU OK day is supported by RUSU and other charities which supports mental wellbeing. Here Healthyintstudents supports such a thing.

RU Ok day is about asking people about how they are feeling. Here its about talking about mental problems. Its ok to not be ok.

Today we asked a fellow Instagrammer who has autism and he does not like the way that society sometimes treats him. Society sometimes can be rude to people with autism and that can upset them.

The talk was at a cafe called Ganache. Whilst he ordered food, I was ok with just not having anything. When he sees chocolate, he is happy.

The other day he posted lots and lots of things on Facebook about autism and that got me asking as to why. He said that on that day someone in the pie shop on Bourke st was very rude to him when he tried to order a shake. That really upset him very much. He didn’t cry but walked away. When other people tease him he gets upset.

On trains and trams and buses he always gets the special seat and when he explains he has a disability they go oh well.

He hates heights. Heights really scares him.

He wishes that society treat autistic people and hopes to raise awareness about this problem.

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